Cat Guinness World Records

Can cats be Guinness World Record holders? Well, there are plenty examples proving that they can! Instead of spinning a lengthy intro, we’ll get straight to the point, presenting to you the most spectacular and noteworthy such examples. We have to admit that we shake our heads in slight (and sometimes not-so-slight) disbelief when we think of some of them.

The richest cat in the world

We’ll start off… Richie Rich style! Can a cat be more wealthy than a man? Of course! After all, ever wondered why we call a rich person a ‘fat cat’? Meet Tommaso – an Italian heir to a huge fortune (fur-tune?) he ‘received’ from his caretaker. Maria Assunta, Tommaso’s owner, made a huge profit on property dealing but in her declining years there was nobody at her side but Tommaso, who was like a member of the family to her. Tommaso inherited 10 million euro, a property in a prestigious district of Rome, and two luxury apartments. Now that’s what you call being fur-tunate, huh?


The longest cat in the world

A cat longer than a dachshund? A certain Maine Coon from Nevada would say hold my catnip and watch! Stewie, a certified therapy cat, who made it to the Guinness World Records list, measured 123 cm and 19 mm in length, broke the previous record (held also by a Maine Coon) by 2.5 cm. Stewie is no longer among us, but his fur-midable measurements immortalised him as the longest domestic cat ever.


The shortest cat in the world

We now know the world’s longest cat. Is there a shortest one? Yes, there is! Here’s Fizz – the shortest cat in the world, measuring as little as… 15 centimetres from the floor to the shoulders! Fizz is a munchkin cat and she’s so short because of the short legs – a typical feature of this breed. But Fizz seems not to care about her height, and, as told by Tiffani Kjeldergaard, her caretaker, is unstopabble in climbing the highest spots at home, keeping well up with other, much higher cats.


The oldest cat in the world

The average life span of a domestic cat is 15 years, but there are, of course, exceptions to this rule, like to any other. And the exception in this particular case is Rubble – a British gentleman, who celebrated his 30th birthday in 2018, which means he was 137 years old in human years last year! This spectacular achievement is thanks to the loving care of his owner, Michele Foster, who’s been inseparable from him since she got him in 1988. Although Rubble is a proud holder of the title of the oldest living cat, neither him nor Michele crave for publicity or fame, steering clear of the press and fans, all dreaming of a photo with the fluffy gramps. That’s how getting old should be like!


The loudest purring cat in the world

Too much Jennifer Lopez, you may think. Taking the ‘let’s get loud’ thing to the extreme. This is something Tracy Westwood, the caretaker of Merlin – a cat whose purring can be heard even through the sound of a hair-dryer, knows from personal experience. The purring of this unusual kitty outdoes that of any other – with the average cat purr ranging around 25 decibels, Merlin’s ‘purr-formance’ reaches the level of over 67 decibels! Ms Westwood says that the biggest challenge is to talk on the phone when Merlin grooms himself – the person she talks to usually asks her to… turn down the background noise! But don’t take our word for it. Have a listen yourself! 🙂

The cat with the longest fur in the world

Two words. Colonel Meow. This Himalayan-Persian crossbreed cat had the longest fur in the world, which measured an astounding 22.87 cm! This exceptionally furry guy from sunny California had an impressive track record of breaking records because apart from being the longest-furred cat in the world, he also held an unofficial title of “the grumpiest cat in the world” as awarded to him by Internet users. And there has to be a grain of truth to it as his ‘last words’ shared with the world on the day of his passing were “Goodbye minions!”. Quite telling, isn’t it? It’s a pity that Colonel Meow is no longer around. Perhaps he’d break yet another record. A record in creativity in our competition entitled It’s Cat to be Art!


Are your cats record-breakers as well? Breaking records in eating, sleeping, overpowering their hoomans with their cuteness? Let us know in the comments!

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