How to cut a cat’s claws?

How to cut a cat's claws?

A scratched sofa, a pulled curtain and nail marks on the carpet – sooner or later every cat lover will have to deal with the issue of cutting cat’s claws. As our kitties often like to mark their presence on home furniture, the question about trimming cat nails is associated with the issue of regularity of cosmetic sessions and the selection of appropriate tools. So how do we take care of our pet’s claws so as not to hurt kitty?

If the cat doesn’t leave the house

The first issue to consider if you want to cut cat’s claws is whether our furry friend is a home-dweller or spends most of its time outside. For outgoing cats, trimming the claws will be completely unnecessary. Due to the fact that in the open air, a cat may be exposed to danger from a neighbor’s dog, it must be guaranteed escape. Claws will definitely help climb a tree, make the cat will not be vulnerable in the face of danger.

As is well known – a cat is a great hunter. Dead rodents given as a peculiar gifts for cat’s owners are a common sight on the threshold of the house. So that cat’s efforts are not wasted and our pet has reason to be proud, he should be allowed to hunt freely, which is associated with having sharp claws. In the case of outgoing cats, it is also worth remembering that in natural terrain, during long wanderings in the yard and its surroundings, cat’s claws are abraded, which allows you to maintain their optimal length without our interference.

What if our cat sleeps on the sofa most of the time? For domestic cats, trimming cat’s nails is necessary. The clipping will effectively reduce the number of scratches on our skin, and in a set with a good scratcher, will eliminate traces of cat fun on furniture.

Clipping cat’s claws – step by step


Although the question: “How to cut a cat’s claws?” can raise a lot of concern, you can safely carry out the procedure at home. The first step towards smoothly cutting cat’s claws will be a trip to the pet store. Since the cat’s claws are harder than our nails, you need to stock up on the right tools. Specialized scissors will make the procedure painless and will not cause unnecessary stress to your pet.

To start cutting the claws, gently press the paw on the tip, which will cause the cat to extend the claws all the way. It is also important not to break the claw’s core when it is cut, which has a red shade. There are blood vessels in the core, their damage will be very painful for the cat. Therefore, we cut the nails to a place where they are still white, remembering that the procedure is better to repeat in the near future than to expose the cat to suffering.

When cutting cat’s claws, it’s also worth keeping in mind the time. You need to approach the procedure professionally, because rarely any cat will devote more than 15 minutes of his valuable time to uncomfortable occupation for him.

After the cat’s struggle can be rewarded with a treat, so that the procedure of cutting the claws, which we must repeat regularly, will give him positive feelings.

And how your lovely fabCats reacts? Cutting claws is a piece of cake for you or a treatment that ends with a cat’s offense every time? 

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