Playing with a cat, that is, how do you play to save yourself, not get bored?

Even the most lazy purr needs to get his teeth and claws hooked into some prey, chasing back and forth for something that doesn’t exist for us, lurking and attacking from behind the so-called Coal, capturing, catching and attacking, that is, normally – playing! Playing for a cat is not just entertainment, it’s also an opportunity to discharge her emotions and satisfy her feline instincts. It’s also an opportunity to bond between the Carer and a fluffy four-legged cat. We will try to tell you what to pay attention to while playing, so that your Friend is a happy and satisfied tiger. 

What a shell when young, or the right behaviour from a young age is essential

Fun is an important element in the life of cats. It influences their physical and mental development. From the very first moments of life a small hunter learns the right behaviour. Living under the same roof with your kitten, you sometimes get the impression that playing is her main purpose in life, right?  If you don’t learn this little bugger, he’ll start using his claws and teeth against his Caretaker (not to mention the pain) or he’ll start discharging his inexhaustible energy on our furniture. That’s why it’s important to redirect the cat’s biting and scratching nature to toys. With time, the animal will learn that you shouldn’t do the so-called cuckoo to humans. We should also remember not to play with the cat with our hand – for our safety let it not connect with the victim:) 

In playing with a human, also our purr can show us that he or she wants to play tricks together, e.g. with his or her attitude of falling on the back and rolling, by attacking us from hiding, catching our foot with paws, even bringing toys to us in our teeth. What’s more, the sudden revival and wild run of fur – so characteristic of cats – means your cat is not crazy at all, but happy and feels good. We love these wild moments, from which you can often tear the sides off:)

Let’s always adjust the frequency and length of play to suit your cat’s desire, character and age. Kittens will play much longer and more actively, while older cats will get tired and bored a little faster. Some diseases, such as heart disease, also determine the quality of the cat’s activity. However, knowing our cats, we should be without the problem is to choose the right kind. An example from our backyard – Kitku Yoda and Teddy are two different types of “bawikots”. Kitku Yoda prefers secret chase, sneaking around and waiting for an attack, besides it is very lively and we know that we can play with it encouraging it to lurk and jump. Teddy, on the other hand, is like a tank – he takes a toy and when he gets it, he doesn’t want to give it away and he’s not very lively, but he’s very interested in chasing it. That’s why Teddy and I are going to rally after the victim and get him.  

Social and cat hunting fun – why are they so important? 

There’s a hidden hunter and a predator in our home sweethearts – don’t be fooled by those sweet little muzzle! Between the fifth and sixth week of life, your kitten learns to steal and find hidden objects. It’s called social play. Your kitten develops skills that will be essential for her as an adult. This phase disappears shortly after maturity. 

But throughout his life, your little tiger will like and use so-called hunting games, which have an established pattern. If we stick to it during every game with our home hunter, the effect of purring satisfaction is guaranteed! 

The scheme looks like this:

  • first the cat looks for its prey,
  • then sneaks up on her, walks up to her, 
  • followed by the pursuit of the victim,
  • grabbing her, catching her,
  • killing. It’s getting awful..,
  • tearing his victim apart. (it’s total forensics:)
  • and at the end of the feast, that’s eating it up.

It sounds like we’re dealing with a lion in the Serengeti plains, but you can’t fool your cat instinct. When you play with the cat, see if you’re going through all the above mentioned steps. If so, you can be sure that your playing with the can gives him great pleasure and satisfies his cat’s hunting instincts in 100%. Bravo, cat! 

In the can house you don’t have to worry about getting food. Nevertheless, his innate hunting instinct doesn’t disappear and should simply be satisfied by playing – that’s why it’s so important in everyone’s life, the home fur. Otherwise, the animal may become depressed or hyperactive or, conversely, anxious and simply an unhappy cat. Many negative behavioural behaviours, such as destroying our stuff, furniture and peeing apart from the tray or biting our hands or feet, excessive anxiety, knocking on us and unwillingness to stroke, and many others – may be just the reason for the lack of fun. At least those 10 minutes every day, dear Cats – that’s so little, right? 

The toys that your purr will love

Whether a cat will play with a toy depends largely on her preferences and character. One day she will like to run behind a ball, the other day she will not pay attention to it completely – that’s the cat’s charm and character, and for us it’s an exercise of patience and forbearance:) 

Therefore, it is worth betting on the variety of cat gadgets. Buying toys – like balls, rods, herbal toys, kickers, interactive toys, mice – for zero waste toys, like strings, paper balls – there can be really plenty. There’s no excuse to choose from – to colour and there’s no excuse – a cat’s toy will always be there! 

Most hunters love rods. Moving a rod with a pen or mouse at its end emits a real hunt. The same with toys filled with our beloved cat herbs – there are no strong furs to resist these smells! The ground is our commitment – believe that none of the catfish can be fooled by mechanical waving of the rod while we’re gmering on the phone! 

It is also worth to bury delicacies in various nooks and crannies of the apartment and wait until the cat finds them, and if it looks at us with surprise in style: “What do you mean, man?” you can show him how we hide one of the treats so he has no doubt what this game is all about. You just have to remember to check these places in time so that instead of cats, rodents or other, not necessarily homemade creatures are not interested in them:) 

If your purr is a cat from the XXI century, he may like the play tracks, interactive toys, tech-gadgets. These electronic wonders of the technical thought of the time, will provide entertainment for the cat even during your absence – but they will never replace the time spent on it after you come from work. For a domestic cat, you are the best attraction! 

If your fur is a hunter, chasing and then dealing with the prey, our Kung- Fu Cat Toy is the perfect choice. Thanks to the right shape, size and soft filling, the toy becomes 

an ideal target for hunting and of course digging. This gives your cat the chance to release her innate hunting instincts and get rid of all the stress!

The vast majority of popular toys of this type available on the market are usually filled with only one herb, such as catnip, to which all cats do not react. In myKotty we have proposed a new solution that no cat can resist – a mix of organic catnip and valerian and this is called a good herb!:) Thanks to that every little hunter will find something for himself. 

Additionally, the combination of thongs and herbs stimulates the cat to play, and the oblong shape makes not only the front paws but also the back paws engage in fun. And as we all know – MOVE TO HEALTH! 

Is the laser good for playing with your cat?

A cat’s laser is very popular. However, behaviourists aren’t very fond of this gadget. The aim of hunting a fluffy cat should be to catch prey. If you play with a light, the hunter cannot count on this form of reward. This makes the activity associated with a cat’s failure. And no Keeper wants his cat to be unhappy. In addition, the constant chase puts a strain on your cat’s lungs, which is unhealthy for her body. If you choose this form of entertainment, it’s a good idea to reduce the time it takes to play with the laser itself and to provide your cat with prey, for example, from time to time we throw a traditional toy to keep your cat happy with a successful hunt, or we do this when the laser is over. You can do a lot, but remember – with the head of the cat! 

What mistakes do we make most often when playing with a cat – what to do and what not to do

The most common mistake is not to play. The cat is seen as a loner who walks his own way, so he may seem to take care of himself. Nothing could be further from the truth. Playing together makes the purr feel loved and safe. Playing together allows him to relax, to discharge his energy and emotions, and after the game to calm down. There is also no hope that we will scatter the toys all over the house and the little tiger will enjoy them. Oh, no! It’s not that easy – living with a cat is a challenge, even when playing:) 

Being the Carer of more than one cat doesn’t relieve us of the pleasure of playing with them and involving each cat in the common tricks. Don’t let anyone in the herd feel left out.

A simple rule also works well, and we enjoy practising it at home – less often but regularly, every day. Remember, dearly beloved cats, that you don’t have to feel remorse because you’re not playing with your cat. 

for hours. It takes 10 minutes a day but every day. You can really see the joy and contentment in your cat’s eyes, and this view is priceless for all of us Carers. 

It’s good for us to watch our little hunter while he plays, because it shouldn’t be too exhausting for him. Let’s look at the signals that the animal gives us – if it is breathing and is lacking breath, despite the still visible frenzy in its wild eyes, let us stop and let it rest. Let’s also accept his invitations to dogs, because there’s nothing better than playing with a cat when he needs it. If there is such a thing in the world of Cat Guardians, as feeding on call (you know what we’re talking about: you’re standing in the kitchen, and under your feet ‘had’ and ‘had’ and ‘had’ and ‘had’…and so on:), then surely a much healthier option is to play on call:) 

We should always remember about the last stage of playing with the cat – the prize. Do you remember the above described scheme of hunting game? At the end we have to catch the prey and eat it… In short, let’s let the cat catch this mouse, catch this still escaping string, or grab and bite all the feathers from this new, cat’s rod. If you’re playing with it with a laser, aim the light on your cat’s favourite treat on the floor from time to time and turn off the light as soon as she catches a treat. The hunting ritual will be closed. Without it our tiger will walk frustrated and unhappy. The cat must catch the proverbial bunny from time to time, even if the chase itself is equally attractive. 

Activity, is important because the figure is important:)

Overweight kittens will become overweight cats and fat cats are not healthy cats. Overweight makes cats more at risk of joint pain and health problems and diseases such as diabetes. Keeping your cat in perfect condition is simply important. Being physically active and controlling the amount of energy in the diet will help control your cat’s weight and prevention is always better than treatment.

To keep your cat active, invest in some toys, a home climbing grid or a scratcher. Enter regular play sessions and remember that anything that moves will be attractive to your cat as it gives her the opportunity to practice her hunting skills.

Remember that a cat that’s satisfied with playing enough is a happy cat that doesn’t have to show destructive or aggressive urges. A tasty portion of fun in your cat’s company is all she needs and isn’t it wonderful? You show a purr that he’s you love him, and he’s good with you. One thing is for sure – for boredom, there is nothing better for our pet than our involvement in his entertainment and great form. 

We wonder how you play with your furs? Do you have your funny ritual? Go ahead.

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