fabCatstic point of view: why our myKotty products are purrfect?


Running our Facebook and Instagram fan pages, we get many furrtactic messages from you, our dear fabCats, sharing your kittie’s (and your own) joy over myKotty products. Each of your opinions makes us double happy: beside your honest reviews and overall positive reception of our scratchers, the MIA Cat House, KungFu cat toys, cat beds and pillows, we’re also getting many beautiful pictures of your cats, which one can never get enough of! Today, we’re giving you the voice of narrators of the article, finding out why, according to you and your cats, we’re purrfect? How well, in the eyes of the fabCats, are myKotty scratchers, cat beds and toys doing? 

Keeping the cat bed clean is fabulously easy

Designing our pillows PADI and EMI, as well as our OTI cat bed, we tried to perfect every detail of the kitty bedroom. From the soft and durable filling made of soft synthetic fiber. through a solid wooden frame that makes the unique OTI shape, to the purrfect cover made with 100% cotton – any nap-loving cat will appreciate the comfort they provide! What you seem to love about our cat beds the most is, however, not only their coziness (tested not only by your cats!), but also our fab design that fits every interior and… how easy it is to keep them clean. All myKotty cat beds have a cover that can be taken off, washed in cold water on a delicate setting, dried off and put on again for your cats to use like a brand new piece. 

Daily maintenance? Go over the spots your cat likes the most with a hoover and all loose fluff will be gone and out of your sight. 

Cat hideouts are our secret weapon

We know all too well that even the most self confident and brave cats need a purrfect hideout from time to time – their own, cosy M1. In our myKotty range, it’s the sturdy, geometric, corrugated cardboard MIA cat house with entryways on both sides to make your cat feel comfortable getting in and provide a safe escape route. 

Thanks to your fabCatstic creativity, we know that MIA works perfectly well with one, as well as multiple carts, both in any corner of the house and on your balcony in the summer (under some kind of roofing, of course). Relax in the shade, with a view of the entire neighbourhood? Your kitties will purr with excitement. 

Safe Hideaways For Cats – Build A Haven For Your Scaredy Cat

Corrugated cardboard scratchers: myKotty special loved by all furries

A large variety of corrugated cardboard scratchers didn’t show up in myKotty by accident. We know exactly what an important role scratching plays in cats’ lives. It’s a natural mechanism of marking their territory, leaving signposts behind them, but also having a regular physical activity, stretching and a place for kitty manicure. Creating the VIGO, LUI and TOBI scratchers we decided to build a durable piece with universal shapes loved by all cats and corrugated cardboard that feels like a soft suede to the touch – all for the longevity. They’re estimated to last around 6-12 months with intensive, daily use (after all, cats love corrugated cardboard), but thanks to your feedback, dear fabCats, we know they stay in great shape up to two or three years. 

What can you do, if your kitty doesn’t want to scratch? We’ll be covering the topic of working with cats and getting them used to new furniture in the near future, but for now, we’ll just let our fabCats speak for us: your ideas can get pretty surprising, but as the example shows, they work purrfectly! 

Every detail counts

Looking through your comments and ideas on how to incorporate our myKotty products into a house or a flat is truly inspiring. A lot of our joy comes, however, from your fabCatstick DIY projects and the adorable reactions from Carers, who unbox our products and discover that every package is a 2 in 1 deal. Why? As our dear fabCats have shown us time and time again, no cat can resist the urge to explore and call dibs on the cosy and spacious boxes our products are shipped to you in. A kitty palace in the spirit of zero waste? That’s an initiative we stand 100% behind. 

We know what tigers like best

Kicking? Catnip and valerian? A chance to hunt, catch and kill the toy again, and again, and again? Great fun and fulfilling the cat’s need to hunt was our guide while we were designing the KungFu cat toy and it seems that your domestic tigers appreciate our efforts a lot. If you have more than one cat, we recommend getting more than one KungFu: once the catnip euforia comes in, fighting for the right to the toy is more than expected. 

The Magical Power Of Catnip. Why Do Cats Go Crazy Over It?

Do you like sharing your opinions and pictures of your own cats with myKotty products on your social media, dear fabCats? We encourage you to live us comments and tagging us in all posts on Facebook and Instagram – #mykotty should be known to all fabCats out there 🙂 From the brand’s standpoint, it means a lot to us, but most of all we simply love watching cats enjoying themselves around cat furniture we’ve been working to design for many months. Your kitty’s and your satisfaction is our priority! 

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