Christmas gift guide for a cat Carer

It’s time to start all the Christmas preparations. If you still have no ideas for gifts for yourself, your fabCat buddies or friends, who have always had cats in their head and heart – we come to the rescue! This year we’ve chosen some less common ideas – gifts from the heart, handmade gadgets and items that will make the gift recipient happy and will stay on their mind for a long time. What caught our attention in particular? Check it out! 

Please note that we’ve deliberately chosen small polish brands and creators, showing our support for our local market and businesses. If any items peak your interest, make sure to check out everyone’s creations and reach out to them. And if some of them don’t ship to your country, we encourage you to search around and find some similar creators in your area – you can mention them in our comments, too. 

Gift ideas for the cat fans

To start off, let’s begin with gift ideas for those who don’t live with cats right now, but have always been interested in all topics related to cats. For the fabCats, who love cats, but for some reason can’t share a roof with them at the moment. What if you could give them a day full of fluffy friends, spent with cats, good coffee and some pie? Cat cafes will be a great choice! 

A good choice for a cat enthusiast would also be any gadget with a meow theme. This year we chose some more unique projects, with the heart and soul of the artist speaking through them. Our attention was caught especially by: 

  • Cat prints and illustrations from the Oh Cats! series by Aleksandra Morowiak ( This series includes posters and notebooks that are aesthetically breathtaking and look really classy. What’s more, the author decided to support animals in need with her project and 20% of the profit from her Oh Cats and Oh Dogs series will go to an animal shelter in Korabiewice. 
  • Chic ceramic mugs by Mruki Pottery A coffee mug that looks classy? We’re all for it! This pottery manufacturer makes some unique projects that are offbeat, attention-grabbing and would definitely make all morning coffee lovers happy. You can find some cat-inspired mugs in their collection as well. 

Gift ideas for cat Carers

We assume, dear fabCats, that the majority of you are happy cat Carers, just like the people you are looking for gift ideas for. Our list wouldn’t be complete without gifts for those who share their lives with cats and dream about having their fluffy friends by their side forever. Our list includes products that are mainly from small businesses from Poland, who we think deserve all the support, especially in such tough times.

  • Cat portrait. To capture your beloved cat’s face on a poster – priceless. And there are artists today who work in the cat field and can realistically put every detail of your cat onto paper, preparing a wonderful memento for any cat Carer. And since they are all working with some slightly different techniques, cat Carers can find the style that fits them purrfectly. We were especially impressed by: 
    • Meow, Kocie – (Kasia makes dot art cat portraits, as well as posters featuring line art, taking cat art in a completely new direction).  
    • By.zag – (Gabi makes colourful, digital portraits of pets which you can later print out in whatever size you desire. Get 10% OFF your cat portrait with the code “MYKOTTY” used at checkout on Gabi’s website until the 17th of December). 
  • Photoshoot with a cat. An amazing, unforgettable and, what’s most important, full of cat love. A professional photoshoot with a cat is an idea that many cat Carers seem to be interested in right now. Why not gift them a voucher for one as a Christmas present? Among some of the most well-known cat photographers in Poland, we recommend you checking out:
  • Little keepsakes. Gifts don’t always have to be big – sometimes we’re looking for little trinkets that we could gift to our friends our ourselves. Some of the fun ones we found include:  
  • For cat shopping. Cans and pouches, snacks and cat books – cat Carers don’t usually come back from shopping trips empty handed, especially if they happen to pass by a pet store. Our solution? A big and capacious CATWALK bag will be an elegant and very practical gift for everyone, not just women. 
  • Cat books. This last year has brought quite a few interesting cat books to the polish market and, in our opinion, they’re a must have in a cat Carer’s home library.  
    • Books by tech. wet. Agnieszka Cholewiak-Góralczyk (, a specialist in cat and dog nutrition. Her book “Nie dla psa (i kota) kiełbasa” is already a classic, serving as an introduction to proper animal nutrition, but we are also curious about her new book –  “Kocie Smaki” (Cat flavours) which will be a, first of it’s kind, cat culinary book. 
    • A book by lek. wet. Magda Firlej-Oliwy ( “Jak mądrze zadbać o swojego psa i kota” (How to wisely care for your cats and dogs). It’s a practical guide that takes pet owners through everything there is to know about vet visits, recognising worrying symptoms and more, from a veterinarian’s perspective. 
    • Photography book by Monika Małek (  “Kotografia w jednym pazurku” (Catography in one claw). For those who want to take even better photos of their cats and learn the art of catography, but also for those who simply like looking through beautiful cat photos. 

Gifts ideas for cat Carers and their cats

And what if we were to share a gift with a cat? There’s no hiding the fact that though we can find gifts for cat people everywhere, a true jackpot is always the one which benefits not just the hooman, but their cats as well. Here are some ideas that everyone will benefit from: 

  • new cat furniture. They’re practical, fit the cats’ needs, and yet are stylish and look good in every room? That’s possible – at myKotty we’ve always tried to mix high quality and functionality with minimalistic design. Check out our online store to find all our products currently available for your cats to enjoy. 

Not sure which piece would they like? You can order a gift card in our online store, so that the cat and their Carer can find what they’ve always dreamed of. 

  • Courses, webinars and consultations. If you have any problems with your cat at home, you know a person who wants to get a cat or you’re simply looking for a gift for someone who enjoys all things cats, meeting with specialists in their field might be a nice gift idea. It could be a consult with a nutritionist who will answer all their questions, access to webinars with behaviourists, like the ones made by Paulina Andrzejewska (, an individual consult or some extracurricular courses. There are many ways one could expand their knowledge on the topic right now and though not everyone has to become a behaviourist right away, learning new things on the topic can definitely benefit your cat’s health and well-being. 

And you, what gifts are you choosing this year, fabCats? Do you usually prepare something small for yourselves as well? Send us your suggestions in the comments and definitely let us know if something from our list caught your attention! 

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