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Does a cat life only include naps, munching on tuna and scratching? Of course not! Every self-respecting fur has to find time to surprise their Hoomans with an out of the box idea too. And, as it turns out, your cats, fabCats, are no strangers to such ideas. On Facebook, we recently asked you about the strangest quirks your cats have and today we dive straight into the topic. Are you ready to explore some of the strangest cat habits, fabCats?  

Kitchen nightmares

Kuchnia to oczywiście jedna z ulubionych domowych miejscówek każdego kota. Tyle się w niej dzieje! Człowieki gotują, zapachy dolatują z każdego garnka i talerza, a w samym centrum znajduje się ona: lodówka wypełniona samymi dobrociami i zakazanymi przekąskami. Możecie zapytać: jakie okołokuchenne dziwactwa wypracowały sobie koty? Sprawdźmy: 

  • Kneading the floor around an empty bowl

Finding a way of getting the Guardian’s attention to show an empty bowl is a tough task and every cat has their way of making it work. While some just sit, staring intensely into the void and waiting for the hoomans to see them, others prefer to go with a more proactive approach and make sure that their message is heard loud and clear by the two-legged servants.  One of the most interesting ideas your furs have was shared on Facebook by Natalia and it was kneading the floor around an empty bowl. 

Maybe it’s a tribal dance to call a meaty feast instead of rain? Or maybe the cat is just flashing back to their kittenhood when kneading on mum’s belly caused a milky waterfall? Either way, one thing’s for sure – you can’t turn away from a sight like this and it’s impossible not to take pity and drop some tasty snacks into the bowl.   

  • Scratching on the fridge door or opening it yourself 

We must admit – our myKotty cats must’ve not connected the dots and they still don’t realise that fridge is the place where all the yummy goodness comes out of. Your furs, fabCats, definitely are better at that!  

Agnieszka’s cat, for example, figured out that scratching on the fridge door is a good way of communicating with their hoomans. We must say, it’s innovative, especially when meowing doesn’t work. But nothing can beat an idea that Mangus, Krzysztof’s cat, had – he taught himself to open the fridge all on his own. Why call for the hoomans when you can do it yourself! 🙂  

  • I’m hungry for some… tomatoes

Forget juicy beef, aromatic tuna and the sound of chicken meat being cut on a cutting board, the one that calls all the cats from the area to the kitchen. Magdalena’s cat, Bendżi, has more elevated taste buds and can’t stop himself from trying… tomatoes. Unfortunately, raw tomatoes can irritate cats’ digestive tract and even if a cat is hungry for some, they shouldn’t be served into the bowl straight from the cutting board. 

  • Water? It’s best served from the paw

We could write a dissertation about all the ways cats drink their water – some like it old, others only fresh, and some drink it only straight from the tap, a fountain or a puddle on the balcony. Joanna’s cat has one more idea! Why would you want to bend over to reach the bowl, then get your whiskers and fur wet and spend all day cleaning yourself if you could simply wet your paw and use it as a spoon? So what if it leaves wet paw prints on the floor… hoomans will clean it up, they have to have something to do 🙂 

Top level entertainment

Dinner’s out the way, let’s have some fun. As you showed us in the comments, your cats have many interesting interpretations of the word “entertainment” – the more unconventional, the better! And though chasing a feather wand toy, kicking the KungFu toy’s butt and nagging your cat’s brother on the scratcher can’t be replaced, sometimes you just have to have an alternative. Among the most interesting ideas, your cat recommend: 

  • Talking to your own reflection in the oven door – after all, when there’s no buddy to talk to, you have to enjoy your own company.
  • Watching the dishwasher – is it closed? Yup. Can you see anything? Absolutely not. Is it the most fascinating thing on a Friday evening? According to Fibi, a definitive YES!  
  • Watching TV while lying on your back, paws up. Who said that seeing the world upside down isn’t better? Dorota’s cat decided to test out this hypothesis with a TV and everything points to a conclusion that changing the purrspective is a hit 🙂 

Ways to get attention

How to successfully get hooman’s attention? In the sacred book of cat tricks, the holy trinity has always been: scratching the sofa, yelling at 4 a.m. and pushing things off shelves, desks and countertops. But when the classics don’t get you where you want to be, and the hooman seems to be indifferent to all the predictable cat tricks, the only thing that’s left is to stay creative. Your cats proposed things like: 

Grabbing hair with your teeth. Someone needed a hairdresser? Katarzyna’s cat volunteers as a hairstylist, equipped with the best accessories in hairdressing technology (also known as the “cat tongue”). They say that ripped out hair is the latest trend 🙂  

Chewing on the chair. Our team cat Tosia figured out that when the hooman is sitting in their office chair, the best way to get them off is to … eat the chair. So she started slowly, with the handle used to adjust the height, and since it worked a few times, she decided to always use the biting trick whenever she wants to get attention and say “Hey, hooman! Look at me or your chair will die, tortured!”

Taking out the underwear from a drawer. The story didn’t come from your comments, but we heard it a few times in our fabCat conversations. The legend is that when a hooman doesn’t want to get out of bed and serve breakfast, taking out their underwear, clothes or other stuff from the drawers works wonders. Even better idea is to jump into the drawer and scratch it – the sight of terror in hooman’s face when they’re scared you’re using their wardrobe as a litterbox… priceless! 

Ready for more? If your cats have recently come up with some crazy quirks, let us know in the comments and remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, fabCats! It’s thanks to the participation of our community and the wicked ideas of your furs that we were able to write today’s article. We hope it boosted your mood for the entire week 🙂 

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