OTI cat bed – how to snuggle down in a big donut?

What are holidays for a cat? The best time to test out new sleeping spots, of course. After all, when the glorious weather and long days give your permission to chill out, it would be a shame not to take the offer 🙂 Today, fabCat, we want to introduce you to a cat bed which cats all over the world dream about. A true royal bed that you’ll easily curl up purrfectly into and doze off into the land of catnip dreams. If you don’t know OTI yet, there’s no time to waste – the big donut awaits! 

FabCat – meet the OTI 

OTI cat bed steals cat hearts one by one, offering the conditions for napping that all tigers dream about. There’s no better combo than the softest pillows arranged in a shape of a huge, cozy donut and hanging 30 cm above the ground for the purrfect view of the entire house. That’s the idea we designed our unique frame with – knowing that cats love sleeping curled up, we created a true royal bed they can snuggle down in all day. And the donut shape is just the beginning! 

Pillows set up on a thick, sturdy, cardboard frame provide a comfy spot for sleeping, 30 cm above the ground. Cats are masters of climbing just to find the best place to take a nap and your office chair, couch or a cat bed set up on the desk will always win with a bed on the floor. So why not provide your cat with their own, comfiest spot above the ground and free up some space on your office chair at the same time? OTI is our answer to the constant occupation of our lap and the always fluffed over couches. 

OTI cat bed – how to snuggle down in a big donut?

The oval shape of OTI was inspired by the “fluff ball” cats curl into when they go to sleep. The bed itself quickly got nicknamed a big donut though, especially when we look at the pillows in beige or pink – thinking about a strawberry or cream glaze makes our mouths water! And what do cats think about it? Well – we asked some directly and got one, definitive answer. They love it! 

Why was OTI so welcomed among its feline users? 

  • It fits the cat body, giving them space to stretch out and straighten their spine after a long nap. In the big donut, you can easily sleep in a curled up position or spread like a starfish – all combinations allowed.  
  • It’s a great vantage point – set up by the window, the balcony door or in a strategic spot in the house, it gives the cat control over everything that happens around them.  
  • It’s happy to be part of your playtime. How many laps can you do around OTI without your head spinning? Good question! Fortunately, after you’re done, you can just jump up on top for a well deserved rest.  
  • It’s very sturdy. The classic cat hammocks are not always that great for cats who look for a stable ground to sit on, which is why we made OTI to have the pillows hang above the ground as steadily and sturdily as possible. 
  • It looks great – whether you prefer minimalistic decor, a modern elegance, the classic Scandinavian style or crazy, eclectic interiors, the OTI bed easily fits in every space. It’s a piece of furniture you will proudly show standing in the middle of your living room. And with changeable covers, you can get crazy with color changes whenever you want. 

Why do cats sleep curled up? 

Good question! When a cat lays on their side, curled up like a donut, with their head between their paws or even covered with their tail, no force can make a cat wake up. It’s one of the best positions for the time our feline friends want to go into deep sleep and truly rest, without watching the world around them. In the donut position, they usually dream about catnip drinks, chasing their favorite wand toys, kicking the KungFu toy’s butts or about a bowl full of yummy food.  

Curling up also makes it easier for cats to keep the right body temperature and… self protect. When they’re all tight like a donut, they can better protect the most sensitive parts of their bodies, including the belly, and if the cat bed they settle in is comfy and cozy, not a single ounce of the ever valuable warmth can escape the furry blanket. 

TIP treasure chest – make your cat always happy to use the OTI bed

Cats can sleep through 80% of their lives, which is why it’s our mission to give them the best place to nap on. On the OTI cat bed, every daydreaming fur will find a space for themselves, but if you’re looking for ways to make sure your feline friends are always happy to use the big pillow donut, we have some tips for you: 

  • Place OTI near a couch, a chair or a bed. Cats love spending time with their Carers and the height of OTI makes it easy for them to have you within paws’ reach and enjoy their safe, private space at the same time. 
  • Use OTI as a vantage point – docked by the window, balcony doors or on the patio (when it’s sunny, of course) will do great as a observation spot. For a feline neighborhood watch, it’s a real gem 🙂  
  • If your cat is initially turning their whiskers up and acting afraid of using the OTI bed, encourage them to explore it! Drop some favorite snacks inside and let the cat hunt them down or include OTI in your playtime and make it a part of the playground while your cat is chasing a wand toy, a toy mouse or the leather straps at the end of the KungFu cat toy. Success guaranteed. 
  • How to keep OTI clean? Cat beds are a magnet for cat fur and it’s good to remove cat hair from it regularly, either with a hoover, a brush or a classic lint roller. However, if you ever wish to wash the pillows and covers – no problem. The OTI frame is held up with straps that lock from underneath – unfasten them to take off the covers or change them to entirely new ones (you can buy the changeable OTI covers here). For washing, use the instructions included below and on the inside of your pillowcase. 

Admit it, fabCats – did your furs have a chance to test out all the possibilities of the big donut, the OTI cat bed? Or are you perhaps only now considering to buy it? Find the OTI at the myKotty store mykotty.eu, and if you want to see more cats chilling out on our myKotty furniture, head over to our social media → Facebook, Instagram, and Instagram highlights for a ton of fabCat photos. 

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