MIA cat house – your cat’s private studio apartment

There’s no place like home? For cats this has a double meaning. After all, there’s no better feeling than finding a cozy, quiet hideout perfect for an afternoon nap inside your own house, one where nobody can disrupt your peace. In the myKotty world, the role of such a hideout belongs to the MIA cat house and today, dear fabCats, we introduce it to you closer than ever. It’s a great alternative to living among heaps of cardboard boxes, so loved by our furry friends but so unflattering for our well-designed spaces. Are you ready to find out why cats go so crazy for it? 🙂 

FabCat, meet the MIA cat house 

Cats’ love for naps and relaxing could be the topic of many poems. A short rest after breakfast, an after-dinner nap, relaxing after the nap… cats can sleep for up to 18 hours a day. Of course, not every space has the same nap value and though it’s good to stretch out on a very soft, comfy cat bed or to get your fur in the sun on a scratcher standing on a patio, sometimes every cat needs to simply hide. For this occasion we give your fabCat furs the MIA cat house – one of a kind cat studio apartment where every cat can feel at home. What’s more, this house is the best substitute for the beloved cardboard boxes.  

MIA is the perfect blend of safety, functionality and style that both cats and their Carers will love. The structure was designed to allow cats to use it in every situation – for playtime, naps, and for observing the world, solo and with a cat buddy; to use the inside and the roof of the house. MIA is just the foolproof cat house – a space where kittens can have a party and adult cats can escape to, away from all the noise. And what do hoomans say about it? With a minimalistic design, modern, irregular block shape and simple colors, MIA is visually stunning and easily fits in every interior. 

Your cat needs their own space

Why does a cat need a good hideout? Because even in their own home, where the cat lord feels 100% safe and secure, they sometimes need to have a place they can get into and chill out away from the family drama. With the MIA cat house, they have it within paws’ reach and without feeling like they’re trapped in a space with no escape route: two independent entrances to the MIA cat house provide a cat with a sense of freedom, give them a chance to observe everything around them and guarantee a lot of fun during playtime.  

Find more about how MIA helps to reduce cat stress on our blog: https://blog.mykotty.pl/en/2020/02/11/mia-cardboard-playhouse-an-effective-way-to-reduce-stress-in-cats/ 

What else draws cats’ attention? Two entrances and a lot of space inside the MIA house is a solution that helps keep the house airy. In the summer, when our cats look for spaces that are cool, breezy and best to sleep in during the hottest hours of the day, MIA will be the chill oasis inside your home. The entrance openings themselves are shaped like a cat’s head and we’ve designed them so that cats can freely rub against all the edges – leaving their scent mark on every possible surface is, after all, of utmost importance. 

Aesthetics or functionality? The MIA cat house ticks all the boxes on a cat checklist

As you know well, dear fabCats, minimalism and modern style are leading in all myKotty designs. We create cat furniture we ourselves would love to see in our houses and the MIA cat house is no different. We chose a double sided, high quality cardboard which you can assemble with white or brown walls on the outside, depending on your preference and making it fit your interiors. The modern and unobvious shape is our alternative to the basic cardboard box which we all know cats love very much. With the MIA cat house you can give them an even better space to hide and don’t feel embarrassed by displaying it in the middle of your living room – as all myKotty furniture, MIA has the potential to draw attention only in the best way possible 🙂 

But it’s not all about the looks! Creating the MIA cat house, our thought process was, first and foremost, about cats and their needs: playing possibilities, safety, comfort, space. The MIA cat house is spacious enough to fit more than one cat, but covered enough to make a single ball of fur feel comfy and cozy there. Inside the MIA, we placed a sturdy corrugated cardboard mat that does not only serve as a private scratcher inside the cat studio, but it also stabilizes the structure of the whole house and provides the best isolation of the floor – keeps it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

A roof patio? No problem! The entire MIA frame is strong enough for the roof to hold a cat’s body and become their favorite vantage point. After all, jumping up top is just as good of a way of spending time as lounging inside.  

TIP treasure chest – how to keep the MIA cat house in good shape?

The MIA cat house was designed to stay with your cat for years. However, if you want to make sure no breaks or falls threat the safety of it all, we have a few tips for you, fabCats: 

  • Let’s start from the basics: MIA assembly, though it might seem like a complicated origami piece, when you follow the instructions, it’s fabCattly easy! Simpy join together the corresponding, numbered locks and before you close it all off, put the cardboard mat inside – the cat villa will get your cats stamp of approval. To make it even easier for you, here’s the instruction that you’ll also find inside the MIA box and on our website: https://www.mykotty.eu
  • Cleaning and servicing. The MIA isn’t difficult to keep tidy for everyday use – it’s enough if you regularly hoover inside and take the fluff of the cardboard mat, which acts like a magnet for cat fur. But what can you do if a cat has an accident? The MIA cat house is made with high quality Kraftliner cardboard which is very durable, eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. But like every type of cardboard, it doesn’t get along well with moisture – avoid getting the MIA cat house wet and remove any stains with a dry sponge or, if it’s necessary, with a very lightly damp cloth to leave as little wet marks as possible.
  • Redecorating. Want to change the color of your MIA and you’re not sure if disassembling it is safe? Today we answer all your questions. You can disassemble and assemble your MIA again, but we recommend doing it with caution. The locks that connect the walls together are not resistant to constant bending and fastening, which is why after a few tries they may not fit as well together as they used to at the beginning. One time change of color shouldn’t, however, significantly lower the durability of the house so if you’re tempted to do it – go ahead 🙂  

And now a question for you, fabCats – are your furs already chilling out in their MIA cat houses or are they still waiting for their own studio house in excitement? Let’s discuss in the comments and if you’d like to share photos of your cats in the MIA cat house with us, we’re waiting for you on our social media @myKotty.

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