Long live the CATstitution – 5 Cat Rights you should remember.

Did you remember about yesterday’s Animal Rights Day, fabCat? We know that all animals: the small and big ones, the friendly and wild ones, the flying, crawling, and purring on the couch, deserve our respect – after all, the Earth doesn’t belong just to us, hoomans. In the times we live in, animal rights protection is based mainly on the work of organizations worldwide and them trying to improve lives and protect countless animals. But what could each of us, fabCat Carers, do for animal rights in the context of our own home? Today we’re giving voice to the cats of Team myKotty. Half-joking, half-serious, Teddy, Kitku Yoda, Tosia, and Luna created their own CATstitution which they signed with all their paws. What 5 Cat Rights should we always remember, according to the cats? 

The cat’s right to blissful relaxation 

Let’s start, hoomans, with the matter most important in any cat’s life: a good nap. You know – we, the cats, love waking you up early in the morning to signal that the bowl is empty and that we need someone with an opposable thumb to open the balcony for us. However, deep down in our souls, we’re no busy bees – we love sleeping during the day and the right to a blissful, uninterrupted relaxation shall be written into our CATstitution.  

  • Give us a comfy space for naps where it’s quiet, cozy, and with no commotion from the other people at home, e.g. in your bedroom. We love soft cat beds like the EMI and PADI pillows, and big round beds like the OTI, but we wouldn’t say no to a private MIA house where we can hide from the world either. Even a simple traveling carrier would make a great hideaway if you put a soft blanket inside. 

Remember that we, the cats, sometimes sleep with one eye open. You know – we love supurrvising everything that’s going on around us even when we’re napping. A spot on a window sill or a tall scratching tree in the living room is a must-have! 

The cat’s right to a full bowl and (un)limited snacks 

We, the cats, like good food. But don’t forget it, hooman, that we’re obligate carnivores and our stomachs work best with meaty pouches, cans, or a diet of supplemented raw meat. Our CATstitution says that every cat has the right to a few filling, small meals a day because that’s what makes us full of energy and strength to be silly, and playful and keep you company. If you want to know more about our eating habits, the hoomans of myKotty wrote an article about it in the past and you might find it interesting: 

And what about treats and snacks? We will take them any time of the day and night! We might sometimes meow at you to give us more but you know what? You have to be a strong hooman and say no from time to time – cat dietitians say that snacks should be limited as they’re not a whole meal and are full of calories. Drop us a snack after we play but for the sake of our health, don’t shower us with treats at our every meow 🙂 

The cat’s right to scratch

You’re asking if a cat needs to scratch? It’s just as if you asked if a hooman has to breathe! Scratching is our CATstitutional right – one of the most important, natural cat needs. Through scratching we’re marking our territory, stretching, strengthening our muscles, and relieving tension. And above all that, scratching is just great fun. But why are we talking about it in the CATstitution? Because some hoomans forget to buy us scratchers and then are angry that we destroy their furniture. And we know that you, fabCats, are not in this group, but the CATstitution goes out to all cat Carers around the world. And here we are, a meowing choir reminding you that: scratchers are a staple in a cat’s starter kit and if you want to make your feline friends happy, give them at least a few different scratchers (horizontal, vertical, sisal, and cardboard). Here, at myKotty, we especially love the corrugated cardboard scratching pads, which is why our hoomans created for us and you the LUI, VIGO, and TOBI scratchers that will purrfectly satisfy your need for scratching and will work great to play and relax afterward.  

Find out why your cat needs to scratch: https://blog.mykotty.pl/en/2020/11/16/the-nature-of-cats-scratching-why-does-your-cat-need-to-scratch/

The cat’s right to have fun 

Talking about playtime, sometimes we hear that we, the cats, are easy to live with – all we need is for you to clean our litter box, give us food and that’s it. Our CATstitution will tell you, however, that it’s not all that easy. Contrary to our dog buddies, we do not need everyday walks outside but our lives are not all food and naps. We must play! A chase after a wand toy, hunting a toy ball, following the fly around the house, trying to catch the red light, martial arts training with the KUNG FU cat toy, sniffing for snacks – be creative and we’ll surely get along. Each of us cats has different preferences when it comes to playtime, different energy levels, and customs but if you let any of us be bored for too long, we’ll find something to do ourselves. Falling plant pots, chewed-up plants, scratched-up furniture, climbing up the curtains – boredom can wake up a real tornado inside our cat selves.  

The cat’s right to hooman love 

To end the conversation, we must introduce you to one more item in our CATstitution. Hoomans once told us the story of “The Little Prince” where the fox said: “You are forever responsible for what you have tamed”. And though we might not like foxes in our daily lives, we do agree with the words of this fictional character. When a hooman takes a cat into their care, the cat has the right to the hooman’s unconditional love. Show your kitties that you understand their needs, that you will provide them security and happy life, and that you will give them yummy food and play with them every day. Support our brothers in need if you can – cat rescues and shelters always need help. You’re scared for your cat’s health? Don’t wait – rush them to the vet, even if they don’t like it. The cat’s life is fragile and you want us to be with you for as long as we can, don’t you? 

And here comes the end of our speech for today – the creators of the CATstitution are going for their afternoon nap. But before we disappear, we’ve got one more question for the reader: what cat rights would your cats write into the CATstitution, fabCats? Share your funniest ideas in the comments here or on our Facebook page →  https://www.facebook.com/myKottypl. See you later, MEOW! 

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