Are they the one? Check if you and your cat are a purrfect match! [QUIZ]

Living with cats requires small compromises. But isn’t that what makes a great MEOWlationship? After all, acceptable wake-up hours, respect for personal space, treat-serving limits, and planning for longer trips can always be negotiated to ensure everyone lives in harmony, long and happily. Are you and your cat purrfectly matched, fabCat, or are there still some minor hiccups between you? Solve our MEOWlentine quiz and find out!

The Foundations of Your Purrfect Relationship

Every good relationship starts with solid foundations, and sometimes, you can tell if they’re the one from the very beginning. How was it for you and your cat, fabCat? Were you meant for each other from the start, or did your relationship require effort from both sides?

How long have you been in each other’s lives?

  1. These are our first shared days; we don’t know each other well yet. (0 points)
  2. The first few months are behind us – we’re getting used to each other. (1 point)
  3. After several years of living together, we’re like an old married couple – we understand each other without words and meows. (2 points)

Where did you meet?

  1. It was a chance encounter – the kitty showed up at my house unexpectedly. (1 point)
  2. The plan was to bring a cat into the family, but in the shelter, the kitty chose me, not the other way around. (2 points)
  3. It’s my dream purebred cat – I eagerly waited for them. (1 point)

Was it love at first meow?

  1. No chance – it took us some time to get used to each other. (0 points)
  2. The beginnings were beautiful, but not without minor stumbles along the way. (1 point)
  3. The best relationship from the first hours together – me + cat is a perfect duo. (2 points)

The charms of daily life – how do you get along with your cat on a daily basis?

Even if there is incredible chemistry between you, life quickly tests every relationship. It’s well-known that cats are creatures particularly attached to a schedule and routine. How does it work in your daily life?

Do you and your cat go to bed at the same time?

  1. Yes! Both of us are night owls and like to sleep in the morning. (2 points)
  2. Of course! We are early birds, so the cat has become my natural alarm clock. (2 points)
  3. Oh, we have some issues here – when the cat wakes up early, I still want to sleep, and when I finally get up, the cat takes a nap. (0 points)

Life According to a Set Schedule:

  1. It’s not for me – I love spontaneity in every aspect of life. (0 points)
  2. Key events follow the plan, but I always leave room for surprises. (1 point)
  3. Everything must go like clockwork – the feline way! (2 points)

How well do you communicate?

  1. I know perfectly well what my cat wants at any given moment – we have no problem communicating. (2 points)
  2. It’s usually okay, but sometimes the cat meows at me senselessly, and I don’t know what it means. (1 point)
  3. Me and the cat are two opposite poles – we don’t always communicate the best. (0 points)

Household duties:

  1. The cat willingly accompanies me in cleaning, and cooking, and is ready to lend a helpful paw. (2 points)
  2. The cat sees me as a personal cleaner, but I accept it with honor – it’s great that it relies on me! (1 point)
  3. The cat has increased my household duties by 100%, and I don’t necessarily appreciate it. (0 points)

Respecting boundaries:

  1. My cat doesn’t know them – if it could, it would sit on my head all day. I can’t complain, though; that’s how it expresses its love. (1 point)
  2. We have moments for cuddling and lounging together, but no one imposes on anyone. (2 points)
  3. My cat is not a cuddly type, and I dreamt of a cat sitting on my lap all day. (0 points)

Life in Separation:

In every relationship, there comes a time of temporary separation – whether during trips or going to work. How do you and your cat handle them?

Homebody or Traveler?

  1. I love adventures, but my cat happily travels with me and takes walks on a leash. (2 points)
  2. I often travel, but the kitty stays at home – a true homebody. (1 point)
  3. Both I and the cat limit travels to watching travel shows, resting under a warm blanket. (2 points)

How do you cope with separation?

  1. No tragedy – the cat usually sleeps the whole day and enjoys the company of the caregivers in my absence. (2 points)
  2. The cat couldn’t care less – they just rest, but I can’t go without photos and live camera surveillance. (1 point)
  3. It can be tough – even when the cat is well taken care of, they regularly wait by the door for my return. (0 points)

Now, the questions are behind you; it’s time to settle the answers! Count all the points you’ve gathered along the way and see at what level your purr-fect relationship stands:

20-15: They’re the one! You and your cat have a vibe that many fabCats can only dream of. No arguments about early wake-ups, kicked-out litter, disappearing chicken pieces from the counter… Your meowing love has no equal.

14-7: You’re doing well! Perhaps it’s not a Hollywood-style meowing love, but we predict a wonderful future for you. Even if you sometimes have disagreements, you always end up on the couch together, forgetting about that unplanned 5 AM wake-up.

6-0: You still need to work on it. Although both you and your cat have the best intentions, it seems that a long journey awaits you before reaching great meowing love. But every cloud has a silver lining – perhaps thanks to the quiz, you already know what’s worth working on? We believe in you!

Now – fabCat – are you spending Valentine’s Day this year with your feline better half, or do you still need to work on your relationship? Share your answers in the comments on the blog or under our Facebook post: 

Regardless of the result, have fun, and remember – our MEOWlentine quiz is just a dose of humor for your Tuesday morning 🙂 Regardless of the answers you marked, we believe that you and your kitty make a purrfect duo, and even minor misunderstandings between you won’t destroy your relationship.

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