Team Dog or Team Cat? Let’s see which Pet Parents have it easier in life.

Kitty purrs or a wagging tail – which one would you like to greet you? In our opinion: there’s something good for everyone! It’s no secret that in every group of people, there are both fans of the feline company and those who prefer canine companionship. Why? While some can’t imagine daily walks, others will gladly take them in exchange for not having a litter box at home. But have you ever wondered, fabCats, what really sets apart life with dogs and cats? Today, we’re taking on the topic and examining the most important duties of dog and cat Guardians, as well as the myths we encounter on this subject every day.

“You don’t have to go out with a cat” – the pet toiletry duties

This is what actually inspired us to explore today’s topic as one winter morning we watched a downpour outside, and despite the weather, our neighbors had to walk their dogs. You’ll agree, fabCats, that as cat owners, we have a luxury in this regard – in the morning, we make fresh coffee, while the cat digs in the litter box, and all we have to do is clean it. And everyone is happy!

“But, but…”, a Dog Parent will say – “I can’t imagine keeping a cat litter box in plain sight and cleaning it several times a day. Despite mandatory walks regardless of the weather, I choose a dog and having to walk them outside to do their business.” And we respect such an argument because if someone can’t imagine life with a litter box, they probably won’t get along with a cat.

If you’re facing the choice of a furry life companion and don’t have strong preferences for either side, consider whether you prefer daily walks or cleaning the litter box. It’s a seemingly small but practically significant element of daily life with pets. And it can’t be avoided. For us, cleaning the litter box is as normal today as cleaning our human toilet after ourselves. But if walks are more your style, we just want to remind you that walking a dog outside also involves the obligation to clean up after them, whether you’re walking on the lawn under the building or where the neighbors can’t see 🙂

“Cats are so independent!”. But does that mean they don’t need humans?

A commonly echoed myth about cats is treating them as extreme individualists. It is said that they are independent, self-sufficient creatures, perfect for people who spend a lot of time away from home. While it’s true that cats cope better with the temporary absence of their Guardian (e.g., during work hours) than their canine counterparts, they are not the best companions for people who are at home sporadically. Why? Just like dogs require regular walks, playtime, and interaction with their Guardian, a cat needs their Guardian for play and companionship. And these aren’t matters that can be handled “in passing” – for a cat, play is a key element of daily routine, and merely watching birds outside the window or chasing a ball is not enough. Here, engagement and play mimicking the hunting cycle incorporated into the cat’s daily schedule are needed.

And what about companionship? There are, of course, furs that are more or less engaged in close relationships with their humans. But regardless of whether your cat jumps onto your lap a second after you sit on the couch or rather spends time beside you, they undoubtedly appreciate your presence. Contrary to appearances, cats don’t just see us as their servants – we are part of their family, their pack, and too long a separation from humans can be a serious cause of stress and panic for a cat. Providing them with another feline companion for company is not enough.

Meow meow, bark bark – who will win the voice duel?

We once encountered the opinion that due to barking, a dog is not a good pet for people who need silence in their lives. This is partly true, of course, as dogs can be noisy. But they’re not the only ones! From experience, we know that even typically “quiet” cats can make a fuss when the opportunity arises to chat with their Hooman. And there’s plenty to talk about. Because a Guardian might take the cat’s beloved spot on the couch, fill the bowl with a flavor of the food the cat isn’t currently interested in, or sleep an hour longer than the cat’s established schedule. On the other hand, there are dogs (and cats) that rarely use their voice and would excel as companions for people seeking a quiet, calm pet. In this duel, we declare a tie – both Team Dogs and Team Cats have in their corner both quiet and louder representatives.

Furnish yourself, kitty!

Our list of key differences in caring for dogs and cats wouldn’t be complete without mentioning their spatial requirements. This is certainly a hot topic in the dog vs. cat debate because while cats themselves don’t have gigantic spatial requirements due to their physical size, the accessories they need are a different story. When it comes to key resources, a cat is a full-fledged housemate – where we need a couch, bed, or our own toilet, a cat needs scratching posts, beds, and litter boxes. No exceptions 🙂

At myKotty, this topic is of course well known to us – all our scratching post and bed designs are created to look great in your interiors, and the necessity of putting them in the living room, bedroom, or home office is a pleasure, not an unpleasant duty. But what does Team Dogs have to say about this? Dogs also need their space at home – beds, bowls, and places to rest. And a collection of leashes and harnesses, because going for a walk without them is out of the question. However, when it comes to furnishing, cats pose greater interior design challenges to their Hoomans. Deciding to live with a cat, it’s worth being aware of this because keeping a feline space too sparse can end up with scratched furniture.

What other typical issues and differences in life with dogs and cats come to your mind, fabCats? Share them in the comments. We know that our list is just the tip of the iceberg, so we count on your creativity 🙂

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