How to stop your cat from waking you up at night?

How to stop your cat from waking you up at night

If you don’t want your cat to meow, walk on your face and wake you up at night, you need to fit its sleep routine to your lifestyle.

Cats are crepuscular – this means that they are most active during semidark (dawn and dusk). Fortunately, you can do something about it, because cats’ natural schedules are quite flexible and susceptible to changes. All you have to do is apply a few simple solutions to finally sleep peacefully. There will be no more unpleasant waking up!

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Here are some suggestions that should help change your cat’s daily routine.

Check if your cat is healthy

Before you try to make changes to your cat’s routine, make sure that this night hyperactivity is not related to health issues. It’s best to take your pet to the vet. Pain, hormonal problems, fleas and eye diseases can be responsible for sleeping problems. All this can disturb cat’s peaceful sleep.

Loud meowing can be result of hearing loss – this is more probable for older animals. By meowing they try to hear themselves. In addition, older cats may be disturbed by sounds they can’t identify – so it’s good to leave some light on at night.

Of course there are life stages which are naturally associated with waking up at night – but often cat insomnia has a health background.

Make your cat tired of fun!

Sometimes cats are hyperactive in the evening because they have too much energy. When we want to sleep, they are ready for fun. This is often due to low activity during the day – cats can sleep for hours. When we are at work or at school, they sleep well because loneliness bored them. When we’re around, cats want to take advantage of our presence, because, contrary to appearances, they are animals that need a lot of interaction.

The way to avoid such situations is to burn cat energy during the day – spend at least an hour for active play with the cat and give him the attention which he so desires – it should enable you a good night’s sleep.

It is worth investing in a few cat toys to spice up the time spent together. You can find a lot of interesting gadgets that will help to make your pet move a little bit, although it may also end up so that the cat’s favorite toy will be a cardboard box. It’s completely fine as long as he doesn’t take a nap in it!


When your cat will continue to demand your attention anyway, you need to be careful. If you play with cat when he wakes you up, he will be even more prankish.

For those Caregivers who are away from home for a long time, interactive cat toys will be a good solution. Thanks to such gadgets, cats can have fun, even when we are not around.

New routine

After playing, the cat must have time to calm down. Create a new routine for your pet to let him know when it’s time to play and when to pipe down.

Cats like to sleep after a meal, so it’s important that they get a tasty, filling meal before bedtime. Let’s make sure it is wholesome and well-balanced. Choose products rich in protein that will work well for the cat’s belly and facilitate a restful sleep.

It is also worth reducing the light and reducing the volume of the TV or computer to create a calm environment.

Cat needs a soft, comfortable and safe place to sleep. To form good sleep habits, we need to organize such a place for him. The easiest way is to buy a suitable cat bed. Cats can be picky when it comes to sleeping. If the first attempt with the bed fails, it’s worth trying to simply move it to another place.

When we find the right place, try not to change it. A consistent approach is important in building a new cat sleep routine.

Automatic feeder

What can save us from early wake ups prepared by our kitty is the automatic feeder. Very often, cats wake their owners in the morning because of hunger. Automatic feeder can be programmed so that food appears regularly in the cat’s bowl. In this way we can eliminate the problem of being awoken too early. Moreover this type of feeder allows you to maintain a constant feeding time, so you can adjust it to the new sleep routine.

Furthermore such feeders enable precise dosing of food portions. They are suitable for dry and semi-moist food. In the best feeders, meals are dispensed gradually to avoid bloating, vomiting and swallowing too quickly.
Applying these four solutions should make you sleep well without harming or ignoring your cat. But please remember that one of the most important elements of working on a cat’s sleep routine is to avoid reinforcing negative cat behavior. If cat wakes us up at night, we just have to ignore it.

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