5 tips on how to name your cat

Home prepared for the arrival of a new family member, everything bought and unpacked, and you still think that you forgot something? Well, you still have to choose the name for the cat! And this can be almost as difficult as kissing a non-touching cat on the belly. But don’t panic, just keep reading and you’ll learn how to choose a cat name!

From cat’s perspective

There are various theories about what names are best for a cat. One of them says that the name should be short (two-, three-syllable). In turn, other researchers say that the cat, unlike the dog, does not remember the length of the word, but its melody, intonation. There are also opinions that a good name for a cat is one that consists of two same syllables (e.g. Szuszu, Momo, Tutu) or one that is crisp, i.e. contains hissing sounds like ‘c’, ‘ć’, “cz”, “s”, “ś”, “sz”.

5 tips on how to choose a name for a cat

Still nothing comes to your mind? Or inversely – you have many ideas and do not know which name to choose? Below are five tips that really work!

  1. You will meet a cat, you will know a name – it’s worth getting to know a cat before giving it a name so that it will match its character. It would be difficult to call on cat Angel if he is closer to hell than Lucifer himself. Just as we advise you not to call the phlegmatic cat “Bolt”. Well, unless you’re such a perverse fabCat 😉 However, it is worth emphasizing by name those features that are characteristic for a cat.
  2. The name should be as unique as your cat is – it’s not worth naming a cat like everyday items, or generally the words we often use. In this way, we will increase the chance that the cat will react to its name and we won’t mess with cat’s head. 
  3. Fine feathers make fine birds – also good idea is to create a name based on the appearance of the cat (color, length and density of the fur, eye color or breed). Make associations or translate the name of cat’s color into your favorite or exotic language (e.g. black cat named Arabica – like coffee, white cat named Bianco – Spanish word for white).
  4. This is not a contest – there is often a temptation to call the cat by an aristocratic, long and elegant name or leave the name given in the cattery. Life verifies these plans and it happens that only Blue will be left from the name “Blue Princess Diana”.
  5. Concert the name with all household – the cat will react to the name only if everyone in the house will call it the same. Therefore, the name must be agreed with everyone. In addition, it should not be offensive or inconvenient to anyone – unless you like the name “Smelly” and do not care about the reaction of friends.

How we chose the name Kitku Yoda


We also have recently been puzzling about the name for our new cat. We gave ourselves time to get to know him, but almost from the beginning we called him “Kitku” because he is so small and adorable. Over time, we got used to this name and decided it would stay that way. Until one day we looked at him and … eureka! He looks like Yoda from the Star Wars, and “in many disciplines a master he is.”

The most important rule

Finally, the most important thing, fabCats  – regardless of the above tips, every name will be good as long as the Caregivers and the cat like it, and it will be pronounced with tenderness and love. <3

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