How old is your cat (xmas edition😍🎄⛄️🎁)

Hello fabCats!

We have a gift for you today! Do you remember our HOW OLD IS YOUR CAT poster .We’ve made a christmas edition for you!

You can put it on the wall, but not neccessary in a place easy to find for cat (we know what you’ll say, Forget about it, my cat’s a hide and seek genius!), because your fluffy friend probably get inspired and’ll crush new baubles!

You have also a great opportunity to initiate a new christmas game, instead of traditional board games. Play with your guest in a How old is your cat game and check who’s good in guessing! We bet someone who doens’t have a cat will never guess 2 human years are the same as 24 cat’s!

Download poster

Have fun! 🐱

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