How to take care of a cat that has to be left alone at home?

Many people wonder whether or not their cats can be left alone at home. Leaving your friend for a few hours is not a big deal but what when it comes to absence for the entire day or two? Those little tigers are individuals and very much appreciate the time they have for themselves. Even though they don’t always know how to show it they don’t feel comfortable nor safe when left all alone. The owner can do a few things that would enlighten the time alone for their pet. It is worth giving him toys, tech-gadgets, and a cat playlist

How to prepare a cat to be left alone at home?

Pet should be gradually accustomed to the owner’s absence, you can begin with short absences, like shopping. It is important to not act nervous while doing so. It is also not too wise to make long goodbyes with the cat – he shouldn’t care about you leaving the house. The owner leaving the house should be a natural activity for your pet that does not bring any viral emotions. Such short trips will teach him to do things by himself and playing alone.

A cat home alone

When leaving your four-legged friend alone for a longer time the most important thing is to make sure he has access to water and food. When it comes to cats they are used to instantly clean up the bowl from all the goodies so a feed dispenser would be a good idea and a toy of some sort as well. We can’t forget about access to the cat litter box either. It has to be cleaned before each absence and when it comes to longer trips it is worth considering changing the cat litter. Cats like to observe their surroundings so it is a good idea to let them reach the windowsill.

If you own a very active cat it is worth considering a purchase of multipurpose toys. Tech-gadgets that include play tracks, feed labyrinths, and interactive laser pointers are a guarantee of a good time. TV left on would also give the pet an illusion of someone inside but be aware – some of them like to hunt things appearing on the screen.

Music composed especially for cats is gaining in popularity as well. Such a cat playlist will make the time spent alone more pleasant. Carefully selected sounds have a calming influence on the cat

A cat home alone can not get bored, that is why toys are so important. Snacks can also make for toys in most cases. It is enough to hide them in some sort of a box that a cat would have to get them out by himself or spread them hidden in dark places to make him look for them. Not only would they improve his senses and skills but also help to reduce his stress. When having a good time domestic pets won’t even notice the absence of his owner. Furthermore, spending energy shall provide him a relaxing sleep later.

Controlling the pet

Technology is improving constantly and nowadays it is possible to keep in touch with the pet, even if the owner is outside. Monitoring allows controlling the cat’s behavior. Thanks to this we can see how he reacts to being home alone and if necessary change something before the next time. Such devices use the Wi-Fi network and thus you can see what is going on inside the house from your smartphone. It is a useful tool, especially for people that are nervous about what their pets are doing when left alone.

Cat hotels or leaving them at home?

First of all the cat should not be left home alone for longer than 2 days. In such a case it worth asking someone to visit him regularly. However, this possibility is not always available. Then a cat hotel might be a good solution. That gives us the certainty that our beloved pet is in good hands and well taken care of, in a place in which he won’t lack food nor petting. Specialists hired in such a place know well how to take care of animals. If you don’t want to risk stressing your cat you can always alternatively hire a cat caretaker to your home. Such a pet sitter will take care of him at the place he lives, making sure our pet does not lack anything important.

A cat left alone can be ‘offended’ by its carers. Luckily, this is quickly becoming apparent to her, especially if it is regular. Leaving your cat alone for a few hours or even overnight is not a big problem as long as the right conditions are provided, as you can read above. However, if you’re going away for a longer period of time, make sure you have someone who will visit your cat every day, give her food, drink, clean the litter tray and provide company, tenderness and fun. 

Which solution to choose?

In fact, any solution is good, as long as the cat is prepared for it (see getting used to it). It’s us as cat owners, the people who love and know the cat the most, who should choose the best option for the cat based on the evaluation of its character and behaviour. It is especially recommended to have two cats and a really trustworthy and responsible person to look after them. Then the cats feel safe and don’t stress because they are in their familiar territory. The second cat in the house is a double joy and consolation for the owner, but also a guarantee of better development for the animals. It is not at all recommended to leave small kittens alone at home. Left in the proper care of their own is no problem. The important question is how long can a cat be alone in the house? Well, the answer is not clear. As the whole article shows, the answer depends on our cat, the work we put in to get her used to some situations.

What is your experience in this subject? Which way do you use or maybe you have worked your own method?

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