10 facts about cats that may surprise you

Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish between what is fact or an opinion and what is just fiction when it comes to discussing cats. Furries are celebrities in the animal world – the internet is full of movies, photos (posed and taken by surprise by cattarazzi, hungry of likes) and Instagram cat stars whose number of fans is as same as Kim Kardashian! It’s good that there’s no gossip site dedicated to cats, because it would be even more difficult for us to distinguish what is true and what is false in the world of these cute pets. Fortunately, there are places – like this blog – where you can only find facts, and below 10 that you may not have known about, even being the biggest fur fan. Read on and check is there anything, what can surprise you.

1. Ear better than Terence Fletcher

They’re saying dogs have excellent hearing. If you are reading this article out loud and your cat has heard it, you’re probably hearing Pff right now! (or rather scornful Mrr!). Our cute furries beat their domestic, interspecific competitors – they are able to make sounds of much higher frequency, including those that don’t fall within the scope of sounds audible to humans. So what do you think, who’s the first to hear the squeak of mice: you, a dog or a cat? The answer seems obvious, but if you are scared of mice… Well, answer yourself! 😉

2. I’ll sing like a canary!

If you want to register all the sounds your cat makes, add 98 more sounds to Pff and Mrr. Cats can make about 100 different sounds from their inconspicuous throats, what – again! – puts them at the top of the podium in competition with their tail wagging competitors, whose possibilities end up at 10% of what cute furries can do. Cats rock! However cat, it’s better not to demonstrate this vocal superiority when we just want to go to sleep.

3. Usain Bolt? That hooman who’s left behind?

Did you know that your cat can reach speeds of up to 49 kilometers per hour? For example, its larger relative from the cat family – the leopard – has a running speed of 58 km / h. Comparing the dimensions of both animals, the performance of our domestic furries seems impressive. The cats’ advantage is their light weight, which allows them to quickly reach speed and agility (only if you don’t have Garfield at home – if you do, forget what we wrote a few lines above).

Does your cat prefer sprint to the fridge instead of set speed record in a 100-meter run? You must read this:

4. Rabbits also lose!

 Do you know that saying, “multiply like little rabbits”? Hearing this, your cat is just laughing, even if you can’t see it from under its whiskers. Furries can give birth to an unimaginable number of offspring during their lifetime. 7 years, one pair of cats + her offspring = a population of up to 420,000 individuals! Unbelievable isn’t it? Even if you can’t believe this, we highly recommend you do not check this theory at home anyway.

5. Early warning system

Thanks to their extraordinary hearing and the construction of the ear, allowing it to rotate up to 180 degrees, cats are also extremely sensitive to vibrations. If you live in the San Andreas area and your cat suddenly starts acting restless, get ready – something’s going on! Cats are able to sense an earthquake a quarter of an hour before the first quakes. So pack your backpack or find some safe place under the table – you have about 15 minutes. Oh, and call your friends to warn them of the impending danger – of course, those, who have a dog.

6. What can you find in the cat police record?

There’s no such category as a cat’s crime. Furries can eat our delicacies with impunity, throw plants off window sills and lurk for our beloved parrot or a goldfish that has only fulfilled two out of three wishes. In the event of committing any of these crimes, we can’t even turn up the cat to community service. But if the policemen suddenly started catching feline criminals, the file of such a delinquent wouldn’t have fingerprints, but… nose prints! This organ is characterized by a specific and unique set of lines that resemble fingerprints. Well! Now imagine taking a cat’s nose print off!

P.S. Maybe cats don’t officially break the law, but they can break quite well-documented Guinness records. Meet the cats, that will stay in history for a long time:

7. Superman will be jealous!

It was about hearing, now about sight! And no, we’re not talking about “making goo-goo eyes” but about cats’ extraordinary ability to see over long distances. The furry’s sight reaches up to 36 meters. If cats could talk, we could use them as binoculars. Meanwhile, we can only envy them. We’re sure Clark Kent is too!

8. Cat Tooth Fairy

Kitties, the same as human children, have milk teeth. There are 26 of them and fall out when the young are about 6 months old (if you happened to notice a completely new, unusual-looking cat in the area, we inform you that it was the Fluffy Tooth Fairy). Milk teeth are replaced by a set of 30 teeth, which stay with cats for the rest of their lives (provided that there were no previous incidents suitable for a cat police record!).

9. Not this time, Freddy!

A cat’s heart beats twice as fast as a human’s, making an average of 110 – 140 beats per minute. So if, stroking a furry while watching a horror movie, it seems to you that the cat is more afraid than you, its heart rate is faster and heart beats faster than usual – we prove you wrong – it was always been like that and now you’re just trying to find someone, who’s afraid more than you. And the furry? He would eat Freddy for lunch and bring his razors as a trophy! 😉

10. Sweet? What does it mean sweet?

Furries don’t know sweet taste, so if you’re thinking of some sneaky bribery, you’d better come up with something that has a chance to really work. Even if the sweet taste appears in the original cat food from one of the reputable producers, cat won’t be able to appreciate that sophisticated flavor of its gourmet meal. Now do you now know why your cat looks at you as an alien when you call it “sweet”? 

Speaking of space – cats are already there! Check it out: www.spacekotty.com

How about you, fabCats? Did you learn something new or nothing surprised you? Or maybe you would like to add something else to our list? Let us know and comment! 

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