The cat’s SPA. The most popular cosmetic procedures for furries

Do furries, famous for their love of care, require something like SPA at all? Or maybe their daily rituals are enough for them? The answer is not so obvious, because these royal pets require (and often demand!) a special treatment. In addition, there are activities in which your cat will need the help of their two-legged slaves.😉 Discover the most popular care rituals for furries.

When the cat needs to visit SPA

It would be easiest to say, when there is no companion around to help wash itself up!😸  But seriously, there are of course situations. when a cat needs a little more care, also with the help of its caretaker. We’re talking here about outgoing cats that have contact with other animals, return from their walks with unidentified objects in their fur or ate something, what wasn’t smell good or those, who intensely changing fur during molting periods. Also cats with health problems (we mean skin problems, eye and ear infections, etc.) will require a little more care. Adding here the necessity to get a manicure on indoor cats and we have a full cross-section of the basic reasons why a cat SPA is a necessity rather than a whim. Alright, now it’s time to go to the procedure list!


Cutting claws is one of the most common cat grooming treatments. Except for aesthetic aspects, it has a second goal, known only to fur keepers (of course, we mean extending the life of furniture;)). Cat’s manicure is a procedure that should be done regularly, and even if the apartment is equipped with solid scratchers, cutting will still be useful.

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Fur care

Even though your cat spends hours grooming its fur, it will surely won’t miss the opportunity to do it again. Washing is a daily ritual of the highest importance. That’s why bathing and brushing should be included in the cat SPA’s repertoire.


While washing is not a problem for a furry, bathing can be problematic because cats usually don’t like it and to be honest, we haven’t met a cat with this type of preference yet 🙂 If you have a short-haired cat and you know that every attempt accustoming him to the bathtub ends with an escape, nothing by force! Cats are independent pets and they can handle without human help. Worse, if you are dealing with a cat with long hair (the hair is clumped and tangled, there may be dirt in it), in this situation bathing can be useful, but it’s better to keep it to a minimum. If you are caring for a young cat, start getting your pet used to bathing from childhood. There’s a chance, cat seeing the water in a place different than the bowl will not run away!

Fun fact:

Washing a cat requires proper preparation and tools, and above all – not against the will of the pet. Get a dedicated shampoo, enriched with oils that care for the coat and a soft sponge, which you can also use to rinse the foam off the pet. Prepare your cat’s bath in a bathtub, bowl or tub. Do not pour more water than 10 cm high so that the cat can comfortably (although this may be a problem even surrounded by the most expensive marble) stand in the bath without fear that his life may be in danger. After bathing, dry the fur gently with a towel or use a hair dryer (here we recommend caution – you can easily tangled longer hair this way), but only on condition that the cat does not hide to the sound of it. And finally – conditioner (of course dedicated to cats) – as a dazzling finish that will delight even the owner of such well-groomed fur!


This is another “must have” treatment on the list of cat care treatments. Moreover, it has a relaxing effect on both cat and its caretaker. 😉 Short-haired cats will need to be brushed twice a week, long-haired cats – much more often, in extreme cases even a daily! To make your work easier and to make your furry feel more comfortable during the procedure, it’s worth getting a decent brush with soft bristles to start brushing and a comb with densely embedded metal teeth, which will become an indispensable tool at the second stage of brushing, when the goal is to collect dead hair. This caring treatment also has its health aspect – the animal eats less hair during daily washing, which means less digestive problems. This is one of the treatments that strengthens cat-human bonds 🙂


This is something that not only tigers like the most! And most importantly – it’s an investment that pays off and if you deserve it, maybe you will also get a little “knead” from your cat! Seriously, when we write massages, we mean, of course, the moments spent on stroking, i and hugs, which can have a therapeutic and relaxing effect on both the pet and the caregiver. Such a massage – even on the couch or on the knees – stimulates the cat’s circulation and helps him to relax, so go to work! And don’t let yourself be asked, because such behavior is simply not appropriate for cats (the exception is, of course, asking for food).😸

Cleaning eyes and ears

This type of grooming treatment – just like taking a bath – is certainly not one of cats favorites. However, if you want a healthy cat, you need to clean its eyes and ears regularly, so prepare gauze pads, saline or a specialist cat eye wash and ear cleaner (ask your veterinarian about specific products). Eye cleaning should be doing regularly, and organ secretions should be gently removed from the outside to the inside of the eye. The same applies to the ears, the procedure is almost the same – gently remove the secretion from the auricle with delicate movements, a gauze pad soaked in a cat’s ear care product.

Shiny and healthy teeth

This is another procedure that isn’t popular with cats, but no self-respecting caretaker should skip it. Cleaning a cat’s dentition is important, helping to prevent the build-up of plaque that may cause a medical condition (such as Parodontosis). Brushing cat’s teeth, use a dedicated brush (often in the form of overlays) and a pet toothpaste (do not use your own! The cat may swallow it and develop gastric problems). Salt water can also be an alternative to the toothpaste.

As you can see, the range of care treatments for furries is impressive and even though we envy our pets a bit, we must admit that these moments spent together in the cat SPA are joyful for us too. How is it with you? Which treatments are your cat’s favorite and which make the pet run a mile, seeing what is going on? Let us know!

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