PADI – for long nights and lazy days

Lounging is one of cats’ favorite activities – it’s true for both the wild and couch cats. If we were in their place, we’d also be spending our entire days on naps, because if you can do it, why would you waste the opportunity. And nothing makes lounging better than a good spot – with the PADI pillow you can lay with your belly up, watch flies on the ceiling and the birds outside or simply do nothing and if you get bored of that, just take a nap. How about we introduce her to you, fabCat? 

FabCat – meet PADI 

PADI is an incredibly soft, comfy and fluffy pillow on which every cat can expect some truly royal-worthy sleeping conditions. Small or big, young or old, fluffy or not shy to show off their naked body – at myKotty, every cat is treated equally and every cat deserves a bed where naps are just better than ever.  PADI is your infallible choice that all cats will love. 

Why is it so special? 

  • Soft and comfy: the PADI pillow is filled with a light, soft, elastic synthetic filling which adjusts perfectly to the cat’s body and cuddles their fur like a soft cloud – giving into the lightness of the pillow, your cat will be ready to nap the entire afternoon. 
  • 100% cotton cover: nothing improves the comfort of a cat bed quite as much as a quality surface – nice to the touch, soft cotton is an open invitation for lounging and is loved even by the most demanding cat users. What’s more, it’s a real magnet for cat fur and if your buddy spends their entire day in the cat bed, your couch, armchair and carpets can finally breathe, free of being constantly furred over 🙂
  • Practical size: PADI is a big, but compact pillow; perfect to spread out for a nap but small enough to fit on a couch, right by the hooman’s side. Among other flat, pillow-type cat beds, it has no competition – PADI can easily be set up on a desk and on top of a chest of drawers, by the couch and by the window, on a sofa and your chair. All that so your cat can sleep comfortably wherever they want and always stay close to you. 

PADI – a pillow made for lounging

As cat Carers we know very well that our furs couldn’t care less about the aesthetics when choosing their purrfect cat bed – though we always pay attention to how cat accessories look, for cats it’s the comfort that takes the first place. When designing PADI, just like with any other myKotty accessories, we went with the cat experience first. And PADI ticks them all. 

Cats want comfort? No problem! PADI is soft, but if you set it up on a hard surface, a couch or a desk, it gives just the right amount of support and lets your cat feel safe.  

Space to stretch? Though PADI is the smaller sister of the EMI pillow, there’s still enough space on it to nap in various different poses from the cat book of yoga. The size of it was made to fit small kittens and adult cats so that even a big Maine Coon can easily curl up on it. 

A place to play? There you go, cat! PADI may not look like it, but it does great as a mobile playground. It’s light enough for the cat to put their paws under it and dig out their favorite snack or a toy, but big enough to be a mat for martial arts and fights with a cat buddy.  

Vantage point. PADI can be easily placed on top of a high chest of drawers or a wide window sill because we know how much cats value the ability to observe the world from up high. If you manage to find a spot for it by the window, your furs will be very happy.  

A stylish addition to your house

We believe that creating a cozy space for a cat doesn’t have to be a choice between functionality and aesthetics. You, fabCat, also don’t have to go for the half measures! Choosing PADI, you can count on an elegant, minimalistic and modern aesthetic that will fit any interior design and will make your cats’ favorite sleeping spot become a decorative piece. 

In the myKotty store you can choose from 6 classic color options – an elegant black, a toned down beige, a modern gray, a subtle white, as well as happy shades of pink and blue if you’re feeling a little crazy. Time for a change? No problem – grab a changeable PADI cover and experiment with its looks depending on the time of year, your mood or your next cat photoshoot idea. We get it all 🙂 

TIP treasure chest – set up your PADI for success

Living with a cat isn’t always a string of successes – sometimes, as cat Carers, we have to get quite creative to give our furs what they want. At myKotty we make sure that all our products are able to make cats happy at first sight. But just to make sure they actually do, we have for you, fabCat, a few practical tips to set up your PADI for success in your cats’ eyes.

  • Set up PADI near you – let your cat be always close to you: on the couch, the chair, your desk. Furs love that minimal distance and PADI with its compact size lets you experiment with the best place for the cat bed.
  • Take PADI into playtime. You can use it as a place to train with your cat, as a photoshoot background or as a playground where, with the help of the best stuff in the market inside the KungFu cat toy, your cat will get into a crazy marathon of martial arts. And once they are comfy on the pillow and leave their fur on it (along with the smells), picking PADI for a nap will be an obvious choice. 

How to get a cat used to a new cat bed? Find a whole lot of tips in our FAQ → 

  • Keep it tidy. Cats are clean freaks and so their cat beds should be kept in a pristine condition as well. Below we give you some practical tips on how to wash the PADI pillow and its cover, but we also recommend a daily maintenance by hoovering the surface or using a brush or a lint roller to take the excess fur off. 

And now a question for you, dear fabCats – do your furs already spread out for a nap on PADI or are they just now, with you, getting to know her secrets and getting their claws ready for shopping? You can find all the PADI variations on and if you want to see more photos of cats chilling out on myKotty furniture, come over to our social media → Facebook and Instagram and to our highlighted stories on Instagram for a whole bunch of fun fabCat photos. 

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