Celebrating myKotty’s 10th birthday


This year October is a special month to us, fabCats – it was in October, 2012, exactly 10 years ago, that the myKotty scratchers saw the light of day for the first time and found themselves under your cat’s paws, eager to be scratched. To celebrate in the best way possible, we prepared for you a whole lot of events and fun activities on our social media and today, on the blog, we are diving into the story of myKotty. How did we change throughout the last 10 years? See for yourselves. 

10 years of myKotty – a look through our history

Let’s start from the beginning and the year 2012, back when myKotty scratchers (or, should we say, myKitty) were a completely artisanal project created and manufactured with our own hands. Oh yes, fabCats – even though today we have our manufacturers, warehouses from which scratchers are shipped in a lightning speed to fabCats all around the world, and a small but priceless team of people who make myKotty work well and continue to grow, it all started with Marta and Mariusz – the founders of the company – perfecting every single scratcher themselves before it went out to the first lucky fabCats. 

Fun fact: The first scratchers were shipped out from our home! Marta and Mariusz converted their own living room into a cardboard storage, all to the joy of their first cats: Luis and Figo. Can you imagine a playground like that? Fun never stopped there 🙂  

This house is, in fact, a space where many great memories were made throughout myKotty’s history – it was here that the first photoshoots for LUI, VIGO and the MIA cat house took place and the meowdels back then were Luis and Figo, who are sadly no longer with us, but who will be always remembered and live in our hearts. Luis is, in fact, the cat who posed for our logo!

FabCat level innovations

When we were designing the first myKotty scratchers, the idea of making them out of corrugated cardboard was obviously already a thing. However, we decided to take it one step further – create scratchers that the fabCat world has never seen before. And we did it! We were the first to create a technique of cutting corrugated cardboard and making cardboard scratchers that would make the surface be as soft as suede to the touch and not only look good, but also was very safe and pleasant for cat’s paws. Sharp edges? It’s not for us! Did we almost go gray trying to find an alternative to the classic die cutting technique? Maybe. But after the first successful tests and once we started production, we knew it was the direction to go. Our efforts paid off because, as you can see, we’ve been making the same scratchers for 10 years now and we’re nowhere near stopping any time soon, though the times aren’t easy right now. 

myKotty conquers the world

The fabCat community reaches internationally – myKotty products have been under the paws of cats in Canada, Australia, Japan and almost the entire Europe, just to name a few. We started conquering the world in the USA and our first shipping container was fully filled up with scratchers packed by hand by Marta and Mariusz. We must admit – we feel the fire in our biceps to this day even thinking about that workout! And though our beginnings were truly garage-based (just like for Apple), it was a wonderful time and we’re happy we didn’t listen to all those who were saying that we must’ve been hit in the head to think about making cardboard scratchers. If it wasn’t for our stubborn nature, we wouldn’t be here today 🙂 

For more secrets and everyday life of myKotty, come over to our social media – we’re on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok and who knows where our next projects will lead us to. We know one thing – you don’t want to miss it! 

Team myKotty – the cats (and hoomans) behind the success of myKotty

Although it’s cats who rule at myKotty from beginning to end, opposable thumbs often come in handy. That’s why all orders from our cat boss are performed by the BEST TEAM under the sun. You might meet some of us on social media, when you call us on the phone or exchange emails with us, but today we want to introduce you to everyone on the team. 

Marta – the originator of the brand, designer of all myKotty products. It’s Marta who’s in charge of the brand’s image and she creatively supports every part of it, following here rule of “no boredom allowed”. 

Mariusz – together with Marta – the founder and creator of the brandi, but also our visionary and creative mind who sets the direction for everything we do at myKotty. 

Gosia – our E-Commerce Manager who makes our logistics, production, online store, all formalities and the entire myKotty team work like a perfectly oiled machine.

Darek – E-commerce Specialist and Gosia’s right hand. When the scratches arrive at your door in express time, it’s surely thanks to Darek’s swift work. 

Paulina – Social Media Manager, who, along with her cat, Tosia, answers your questions, messages and comments, as well as creates various content you can find on myKotty channels. 

Artur – creator of ad campaigns and our  Head of Performance. Artur’s work makes news about myKotty travel to fabCats all around the world.  

Weronika – our graphic designer who creates all our fluffy banners, ads and fabCat works of art you can see on our blog, on social media and on our products. 

Jarek – responsible for the supply chain, Jarek makes sure that every cat on Earth gets their dream scratcher.  

Marek – coordinates our collaboration with new markets and makes sure that myKotty wins over hearts and paws of fabCats all over the world. 

And as for the cats – myKotty wouldn’t work without them since somebody has to supervise the levels of cat satisfaction and give the paw of approval to all new projects the hoomans come up with. The hardworking myKottyCats are: 

KITKU YODA – Mister CEO, who always has to have everything worked out to the tiniest detail. He decides what you’re doing at myKotty: are you negotiating the rising prices of cardboard or petting him on the belly for the next half an hour? He leads with emotional blackmail which he constantly overuses. 

TEDDY – answering directly to Kitku Yoda which, unfortunately, shows in the quality of his work. Because he serves an emotionally unstable boss, he doesn’t really know what to do and he mostly wanders around under the hooman’s feet. Because he never has any tasks to do, he is eager to be a meowdel and that’s probably his most effective job at myKotty.  

TOSIA – the social media assistant. She’s the one answering your comments, choosing meowdels for Pawsome Stories, writing the blogs and honing her graphic design skills in the free time. She loves testing the durability of scratchers and the sleep-inducing properties of our cat beds. She’s a working lady. 

LUNA – working remotely is easy-peasy for her. She can shoot out ideas from right under her tail as if she was a fictional MIG-28 from TopGun. Sometimes when we read emails from her, we can’t wrap our heads around that litter box – she’s so creative. And the memes she sends us during the day have us cry laughing. 

We can’t hide it – working with a team like #myKottyCats is the best job in the world. As for effectiveness… we’ll leave that unsaid 🙂

Join the COMPETITION and snatch some furrtastic prizes

No myKotty success would be possible without you, dear fabCats. THANK YOU! 

Every photo you send in, every video, comment, every review about your cat putting their paw on a fresh scratcher for the first time – your reactions always make our day and fuel us to work harder so today, to celebrate our birthday, we have something to thank you with. If you ever took part in our Facebook competitions before you know that if we do something, we go hard – what do you say to not one, not two, but an entire bag of prizes up for grabs? That’s what Teddy and Kitku Yoda decided to do this year and we follow one rule – WHATEVER THE CATS SAY, SO IT GOES. 

How to join the COMPETITION? The rules are as straight as cat whiskers: 

  • Jump over to our Facebook profile, right to the competition post → COMPETITION
  • Create a meme about myKotty – your creativity always gets us so we’re hoping for a whole lot of extraordinary ideas and unstoppable bursts of laughter;  
  • Be active – like and comment on other participant’s work, share info about the competition with the world – the more, the merrier and our fabCats who watch over the competition see everything. 

The competition takes place from 10.10.2022 to 23.10.2022 until the end of the day so grab your editing software and drop your memes that the myKotty team never dreamt of. 

Endless celebrations with myKotty

As a final surprise for today, we have something special for you. Every fabCat knows that a good party needs some karaoke. And to open the 10th birthday celebrations for myKotty, we have a myKotty team creation: the Purrfect Band with their song “myKottyBiography” (sorry that it’s in Polish, but it wouldn’t pack such a punch if we translated it”)

MIAU myKotty dziesięć lat,

Gdy drapaki kupuje cały świat

W mej kuwecie był nasz smród.

Koteł pomysł wniósł, 

Usłyszałem monety szum

I nie mogłem w nocy spać.

Wiatr nowości drapakowych wiał, 

Darowano kotu za pomysł karm,

Znów się można było śmiać.

W myKotty gwar,

Jak tornado szum klientów się wdarł… 

What catified hit would you sing on our birthday CATraoke party? Drop your best titles in the comments – maybe we could create a whole fabCat playlist out of it? 

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