TOBI – the most mobile myKotty scratcher

Ready to accompany your cat in any situation. Prepared to conquer window sills, desks, tables and shelves. Mobile and functional, always at a paw’s reach of the domestic tiger. Who is it? Today on the myKotty blog scene, dear fabCats, please welcome the TOBI scratcher. Though he is a younger and smaller brother of the VIGO and LUI scratchers, he already charmed many cats with his assets. How did he do that and why did he get so many fans among cat users?

FabCat – meet TOBI 

The TOBI scratcher was designed for cats who love accompanying their Carers in their everyday tasks and who always volunteer to work in the home office, the kitchen or around the house. In contrast to our bigger scratchers – VIGO and LUI, the TOBI scratcher got a very mobile and light, but still sturdy silhouette which makes it fit easily on shelves, window sills, desks, counters or kitchen islands. You can set it up wherever you’re currently working, giving your cat a place to sleep, scratch and supervise your work. After all, being comfy at work is a must 🙂 

With the TOBI scratcher at paw, you don’t have to worry that your cat will stomp all over the freshly cleaned countertops, send an email to your boss or take over your office chair when you stand up to get some water – they’ll be too busy napping. 

You can order our TOBI scratcher through the website – proceed to checkout to see the total shipping costs. 

The most mobile scratcher in myKotty’s history 

Once we already had the reliable strongman VIGO and the elegant, but playful LUI in our store, we shifted our focus to another cat need – mobility. Cats love observing the world from high up and seeing everything that happens around them. They appreciate having access to the vertical space, jumping up on desks, window sills, shelves, bookcases and cabinets. And though VIGO and LUI can be their starting point to the cat superhighway, TOBI took another step for myKotty – with its compact size, TOBI can always stay within paws’ reach.

But that’s not all! In its effort to stay always within reach, TOBI didn’t lose its stability, durability, functionality or elegance – the features that were set as a standard for myKotty scratchers by VIGO and LUI. TOBI is a piece of cat furniture that will happily bear the weight of up to 10 kg and welcome your cat with its soft, nice to the touch, suede-like scratching surface right where your cat needs it. And it’s not scared of big cats either. The unique shape of TOBI purrfectly adapts to the cat’s silhouette, giving them the best opportunity to comfortably scratch, play and nap. Cats love it! 

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The secret’s in the details

At myKotty, every detail matters. Our projects are created with cats in mind, but we also think about you – their fabCat Carers. When designing TOBI, we knew that the scratchers will go on desks, bookcases, window sills and shelves and that their aesthetics will play a huge role. And since we always aim at the highest of standards and show that cat furniture can be a stylish and elegant decor piece in any interior, TOBI had to become an accessory that you will happily show in your home. 

We refined the TOBI aesthetics to purrfection. The sleek and light silhouette gives it some real class and elegance, while staying fully functional and fit for cats’ needs at the same time. Available in 4 classic colorways: white, black, gray and brown, TOBI looks amazing even in spaces where simplicity and minimalism are key. Another eye-grabbing feature is the soft surface that resembles suede to the touch – it’s gentle for cats’ paws, but also looks oddly perfect to pet when you want some stress relief. What can we say – pet ahead! 

Tip treasure chest – what can you do to make TOBI last longer?  

TOBI was born a fan of elegant and minimalist solutions, but deep down in his soul, he definitely loves adventure – visiting all the spaces at home requires quite the courage! TOBI happily serves cats as a place to scratch, play and lounge, even in the most unconventional spaces. But what can you do to make it last with your cat as long as possible? 

  • Set TOBI on a solid surface. Shelves, window sills, desks – TOBI likes being everywhere but it’s always good to make sure that it’s standing on a dry and solid surface. Falling down from any height, especially when a cat should decide to surf on the TOBI may not end well, both for the cat and the scratcher. Our PRO TIP here is: if you’re putting TOBI on a high shelf and are afraid of it slipping, try securing it in place by sticking the TOBI to the surface with double-sided tape. It won’t destroy the furniture and won’t allow TOBI to wander off freely. 
  • Beware of moisture. It’s not liked by cats, nor by the scratchers – TOBI and moisture don’t go hand in hand. Because of that, we don’t recommend setting it up on countertops in your kitchen, the bathroom or on shelves on the balcony, that is unless there’s good weather outside. 
  • Clean with caution. Your cat left you a present on the scratcher? Accidents happen. Unfortunately, corrugated cardboard doesn’t really like them and cleaning things up can be quite the effort. Remember not to clean TOBI with anything wet or with detergents – remove fresh “accidents” with a dry cloth and leave the stain to dry up on its own. There will be visible battle wounds on the scratcher, but small scars shouldn’t take away from the cat’s pleasure of using the scratcher.   
  • Keep it upright. TOBI is the only myKotty scratcher for which it may not be a good idea to use it double-sided. Though the corrugated cardboard surface is present on both sides of the scratcher, we definitely recommend to keep it upright (so the logo isn’t upside down). Otherwise, TOBI may not be able to stand the weight of a cat during a nap or active play. This scratcher simply doesn’t like being upside down 🙂  

A word from our fabCats

TOBI gained many fans among cats and you, dear fabCats. Thank you so much for all the kind words and opinions you’ve been leaving on our Social Media! And here’s what we heard from you about TOBI in the last few months: 

Did your cats have the chance to put their claws into TOBI and take it to their favourite observation spots around your house yet, dear fabCats? Let us know in the comments and remember that you can always tag us in your cats’ photos in social media using #myKotty. 

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