TOP 5 books recommended for your fabCat library

Is there a better time to stock up your book collection than autumn? Evenings spent on the couch with cats, good drinks, and an interesting book are definitely our vibe, and today, fabCats, we want to share with you our reading recommendations, all about cats, of course. Here are our TIP 5 books that should definitely make it to any cat Carer’s library. Before we start – most of the books on our list were written by Polish authors and are not available internationally, but at the end of the article, you will find some other book recommendations that should be available in English as well. 

  1. TOTAL CAT MOJO – Jackson Galaxy & Dr. Mikel Delgado

There isn’t probably another personality recognized as widely in the cat world as Jackson Galaxy. His tv series “My Cat from Hell” was an international hit, but Jackson is not just a charismatic tv host – his show, books, and online content lead cat Carers through a path of discovering cat needs, nature, and secrets, and at the end of it awaits the main prize: a happy cat. “Total Cat Mojo” was written in collaboration with Dr. Mikel Delgado – a specialist on cat behaviorism. The authors focus here on many topics concerning specific cat needs, solving issues and challenges of living with a cat, but most of all, they teach us how to live with our feline friends in purrfect harmony. In our opinion, every cat Carer will get something interesting out of this book. And, what’s most important – it’s a light read, perfect for an evening with a cat on your lap. 

  1. JAK MĄDRZE ZADBAĆ O SWOJEGO PSA I KOTA – lek. wet. Magda Firlej-Oliwa

Jumping from behavioral to health topics straight away, it’s obvious that there’s no happy cat if they’re not healthy 🙂 The book “Jak mądrze zadbać o swojego psa i kota” is, in our opinion, one that will make every cat Carer start planning their next checkup wisit with the vet. And rightfully so! The author, polish veterinarian Magda Firlej-Oliwa (known online as “weterynarz też człowiek”), uses clear and easy language to describe the most important aspects of healthcare for cats (and dogs) at every stage of their lives, basing it all in her specialist insights and years of experience in the field. This book will help you prepare for your first vet visit, resolve any doubts about deworming, neutering, vaccinations, most common health issues, anesthetics, and yearly checkups, as well as go into more difficult topics of senior cats or the time we have to say goodbye to our beloved furry friends. 

  1. ZOSTAŃ ZAKLINACZEM KOTÓW – e-book by myKotty 

And now, a treat for those of you, fabCats, who love getting information quickly, to the point, and in a span of one evening read. If you haven’t heard about the newest myKotty project, we can officially introduce you to our e-book:  “Zostań zaklinaczem kotów. Jak zrozumieć kocią komunikację i dogadać się ze swoim kotem?” (english version TBA). The book was created with the help of our team cat expert – Paulina, whose passion for cats goes beyond her work at myKotty. Thanks to hours spent on webinars, reading cat books, and caring for her own cat – Tosia, Paulina is constantly expanding her knowledge of cat needs and the care they require. 

What’s inside our ebook? Based on our own experience of living with cats, as well as stories and topics we discuss with you, fabCats, we’ve put together 49 pages filled with knowledge and practical tips about cat communication, organizing the home space for cat needs, meeting cat’s hunting needs, and fighting boredom in cats’ lives. It’s content written by cat Carers, for cat Carers, intended to help you keep cats safe and happy. 

  1. ROZMOWA Z KOTEM – Małgorzata Biegańska-Hendryk

Małgorzata Biegańska-Hendryk is a vet tech, and feline dietetitan, but also a well-known, respected behaviorist. Her book “Rozmowa z kotem” is one for Carers who want to get deeper into the secrets of living with a cat and get to know the nature of our domestic felines as best as possible. The author gets into topics of cats’ role in the human world and the role of a Carer in a cat’s life but also discusses some popular myths of cats being loners, cat communication, and the art of manipulation. In the book, you’ll also find chapters about cat diet, health, and some specific needs cats have, and the entire book is filled with beautiful cat photos created by cat photographer Monika Małek. Hours of looking through cat photos and learning about cats? Sign us up! 

  1. NIE DLA PSA (I KOTA) KIEŁBASA – tech.wet. Agnieszka Cholewiak-Góralczyk 

We finish our TOP 5 with a book that, from our perspective, has made a lot of buzz in the cat world – in the good sense of the word. The topic of nutrition and cat food is still hot and full of controversies around the world, leaving cat Carers with many questions. Is BARF and Whole Prey feeding actually the best for our felines? Or maybe canned food with high meat content is the best thing to put in the cat bowl? And is dry food really the evil we, as Carers, should be avoiding at all costs? The answers to those, as well as many other, equally as important dietary questions, are all in the book by tech. wet. Agnieszka Cholewiak-Góralczyk, a cat and dog nutrition specialist. 

P.S. Among Agnieszka’s books that are worth your attention are also “Kocie Smaki” about creating a balanced cat diet, as well her newest title “Mam chorego zwierzaka”, which talks about the difficult topic of living with a sick cat. 

And for our international fabCats, we also have some other interesting titles that may be available in your language:

  • “What cats want” Dr. Yuki Hattori – for those who love the topic of cat communication and want to get deeper into the meaning of their meows, purrs, and body language;
  • “Cat Sense” John Bradshaw – for those who want to dive deep into the wild nature of our domestic cats, debunk some myths, and find out why cats are still such a mystery for us, hoomans. 
  • “What if my cat?” Claire Arrowsmith and Francesca Riccomini – Q&A about cats, in a book form? A great idea! The authors answer some of the most common questions about unusual cat behavior, problems that arise in groups of cats, typical health issues, and even about living with senior cats. Every cat Carer will find something to read about here. 

The market of guidebooks for cat Carers is constantly growing, filling up with important, valuable books. It’s definitely a positive thing, seeing as there’s still so much to do in terms of our awareness of cats’ needs and traits. Which ones will go into your book pile this Autumn, dear fabCats? Maybe you’ve got some titles that didn’t make our list but are definitely worth a read. Share them in the comments – we’d be more than happy to check them out 🙂   

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