How to take care of the house cat?

How to take care of the house cat?

The lazy cat ​​is not a rare sight (what is well known to everyone who has ever tried to remove their fur from the sofa) and the true destiny of our four-legged friends is to discover the world. An almost unpacked package, open cabinet or a suitcase – for cats there are no secrets. How to organise free time for those, who spend all day inside and our apartment is their only playground? Down you will find a few good tips.

Windows, balcony and the cat

A happy cat is a safe cat. Although the apartment is not threatened by rat poison, rude neighbors or threateningly barking dogs, when arranging your place to live, you cannot forget to properly prepare the windows and balcony.

Due to the fact that a flying bird is (next to a butterfly and a loud fly) a big event for domestic cat, you must ensure that potential victims of cat’s claws do not lead the purrs friends outside. If you don’t wanna check, is it true that cats always fall on four paws, remember to reticulate all windows. And if your balcony is the perfect place for a large cat scratcher and cat bed, and your buddy likes bathing in the rays of sunshine, it will also be a good idea to secure the balcony with a metal mesh, which cat’s teeth will definitely not defeat.

Plants dangerous for cats
Plants dangerous for cats

Cat in a home jungle

Think about plants. Not properly chosen, can mix up a cat’s life, especially when he decides to hunt one, not because he is hungry and as a result of … ordinary curiosity! Popular indoor plants can be very harmful to furries, leading to health problems and even life-threatening conditions. Who would have thought that among the most dangerous we will find plants that can be found in almost every home – ficus, wingspots, aloes, oleanders, poinsettias, and even ivy. If you currently have them in your apartment, you better look for better place for them. However, this does not mean that you have to immediately make a home out of the desert or choose between a cat and plants – you can easily reach a compromise by choosing those that will be safe for the animal, e.g. african violets, begonias, bamboo and yucca.

First of all – fun!

The fact that a cat is a natural hunter needs no explanation. Bent paws, erect tail and fixed gaze – our mustached animal likes to attack from cover. In residential conditions, when the only purpose of the cat’s claws turns out to be ham on the table, we should ensure decent entertainment – after all, being fit should be trendy not only among people.

The question: “how to take care of a cat at home?”, we answer – playing together! Take some time during the day for the cat – they loved to feel cared for and important.We ensure that the benefits of stroking, tangling, cuddling or joint fooling around (running around the apartment with a piece of ribbon or … peeling from a carrot that accidentally fell to the floor just when the furry one was watching) will benefit both sides! After all, nothing relieves tension after a hard day at work like moments with a cat on her lap and its soothing purr.

The perfect variety to your company (especially when you have to go out or the sheer volume of duties means that sometimes you forget that you have a cat) will be toys. A collection of gadgets that will effectively fill the cat’s schedule of the day is essential. If your furry is the type that can not sit still, they will be useful, among others tunnels, wool balls, houses and of course … boxes! Practice also shows that toys filled with dried herbs are perfect, thanks to which even the finest coat will like afternoon jogging.

And if … you really are not at home often, and your cat almost forgot what a man looks like, think about a company for your cat. We know that is not a solution for everyone, but it worked perfectly with us – since Kitku Yoda and Teddy joined Figo, every time we get home, not one, but three furs enjoy us. Can you imagine how funny it is, when when passing between scattered objects we’re trying to initiate an investigation of what was happening at home  during our absence? Believe it or not, we have a lot of fun! There are more such gangs in the myKotty team – look at Bubcia and Kici – these girls can be a sweet troublemakers too!

Enjoy your meal!

In caring the cat’s line, we can not forget about our participation – the choice of food with appropriate nutritional properties is a condition of well-being of the furry and a guarantee of energy for everyday pranks.

It is also good to combine what cats like the most – food and fun. One of the ideas that we have taken ourselves (attention, tested on cats!) Is a box for treats. Making it is easy as cat hair – take a flat cardboard box, cut holes in the cat’s paws in it and throw dry treats into the box. We assure you that even the laziest cat will take up the challenge, turning the area around the box into a training ground! Such a carton can be for a cat what fitness classes are for us, so if your cat suffers from a slight overweight, consistently staying in the opponents’ fit diet camp, the mini box gym should pass the exam.

Justyna from the myKotty team presents how to use a box to play with a cat. However, if you are not a DIY master, you can always choose our MIA cardboard house – just fold it, throw a treat or toy into it and it’s ready!

Care of cat hair

Identifying cat lovers is not a difficult task. Little pieces of fur on the coat, pants and sweater – the biggest fans of purrs like to feel that cats are always close. However, if our friend at home accompanies us around the day, we must prepare for the role of a… cats barber.

Reducing stress and removing impurities – a cat at home spends much more time on fur care than cats going outside. Although this is apparently unrelated to the dangers, cats are swallowing hair during the toilet, which can clump in the digestive tract. So, to avoid the intestinal problems of the little mustache owners, you can not forget to regularly comb it. For long-haired cats or those with a thick underfur, pets should be combed up to three times a week.

In the comprehensive care for cat’s health, we can not skip vaccinations and deworming – germs that we bring home, even on the soles of shoes, are a sufficient enemy for cat organisms, and there may be far more of them in home nooks and crannies!

Follow these few tips and your cat will definitely be satisfy.

So dear fabCats, how you care about domestic four-legged friends? We are happy to supplement our article with your ideas for taking a cat in a flat.

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