Find out the secret cat knowledge only cat Carers get to know.

How did you imagine living with cats would be like before actually having cats, fabCat? Cuddles on the couch, purring buddy always ready for pets, a kitten running graciously to the kitchen when you open their food? Time to face the reality – look at your cat who serenades you from the litter box and then proceeds to run your way, scattering litter on the floor and jumping up onto the kitchen counter to snag a piece of chicken that you’re preparing for dinner. Is this what you dreamed of? We must admit – living with cats surprised us many times but we quickly learned that it’s just all secret cat knowledge only cat Carers get to know.  And today we’ll talk all about it – it’s time to discuss 5 facts about living with cats that only experienced cat people know 🙂

Forget about getting up with the lark – in this house, we wake up with the cats 

People are usually night owls or early birds, but cat people… cat people have their own wake-up time, falling generally between 3-5 in the morning. After all, as cats see it, the middle of the night is the best time to knock some pots off the window sill, dig a tunnel in the litter box leading all the way to China, train for the New York marathon, save the lonely ball which got stuck under the fridge or remind the hooman that a break between supper and breakfast is always too long.  

Discover the new interior design trend: cat chic

Looking for a perfect cat bed that fits your designer sofa or your retro furniture? Shift your attention to the new interior design trend: cat chic. Why? Because regardless of the price, quality, size, or coziness level of the new cat bed, your feline friend will choose a cardboard box from the package that the courier just dropped off anyway (and that’s why myKotty products come to you in super sturdy cardboard boxes for your cat to enjoy). Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, we face that too. And every day we receive messages from you, fabCats, with photos and stories of your cats who welcomed their new cat beds and scratchers by ignoring them and getting into the box immediately. Fortunately, it’s just a temporary situation and the scratchers and beds get into cats’ graces quickly enough – that is, of course, until another package comes in and requires immediate investigation. 

Staying on the topic of cats’ take on ecology, Mr. Sponge Cake and Mrs. Meringue (@kociacukiernia) on Instagram handed us a fact that’s perfect for today’s list. Are all the random trash on the floor not actually trash but eco-cat toys for you too? Nothing gives a cat as much fun as chasing a paper ball, punching a cotton swab, or fishing out a dried-up spaghetti from under the kitchen cabinet to parade it around the house. 

Don’t tell me, hooman, how to live

You surely heard more than once that: “my cat doesn’t do that”, “my cat doesn’t go there”, “my cat doesn’t chew on plants” etc. What can we say – although there are angel cats, raising up a feline usually comes down to one, simple rule: don’t teach the cat how to live, hooman. Cats live their life by being curious and the need to satisfy it – killing boredom is their biggest hidden talent. 

P.S. We’re saying it all with a grain of salt, of course – though we can’t win with the cat’s nature, properly working with our feline friends lets us eliminate some unwanted behavior. We talk more about techniques for working with cats on our blog → 

Say hi to new accessories in your wardrobe

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pins, watches – everyone who’s at least a little into fashion knows that accessories can change the entire outfit and make a simple jeans and t-shirt combo look great. But when you have a cat at home, your staple accessories have a new member… in the form of cat hair! Living with cats means accepting that cat hair is just a part of you right now and if you don’t want to get rid of all your black clothes, sooner or later you’ll have to accept this fashion failure. 

Your personal space has a new tenant 

Every person has their own personal space where they usually want to be alone. Well, cat people have to accept that their personal space has one more tenant and they don’t feel like living it any time soon. Admit it, fabCats – how often do you manage to go to the bathroom without a cat? Or cook in the kitchen without being supervised by your feline friend? Get up for a toilet break while watching a movie and not move the cat off your lap? Or have a call at work without a tail or a cat butt covering your webcam? Personal space while living with cats is basically non-existent but who cares. 

Honorable mentions go to: 

  • litterbox excavations – who didn’t witness the cat’s need to dig a tunnel all the way to China right when you’re trying to fall asleep or talking with your boss on the phone, with the cat sounds echoing in your house, they surely don’t know what’s it actually like to live with cats! 
  • testing gravity. Not every cat does that but if you do happen to have a scientist cat at home, pens rolling off your desk and pots flying off the window sill will become an everyday occurrence. 
  • Always-low-memory syndrome. Even the biggest technological companies didn’t predict the need for storing so many cat photos, memes, and videos. And the collection grows every day! 

And now, fabCats, time for your experience checkup – what facts about living with cats only cat people could understand? Drop your ideas in the comments – let’s discuss! 🙂  

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