Karate Cat, Fluff Fencer, Kung Fu Master in Fur – which martial art style suits your cat?

In every group of cats, scuffles happen: over a spot on the scratching post, the right to a favorite bed, a beloved toy, or sometimes just out of boredom. And if the cats live together in harmony, such fights usually end with a paw shake and a shared nap, even if at the peak of the action it seemed like it was a battle for the highest stakes. But have you ever wondered, fabCats, what martial arts cats specialize in and what tricks they use to bring their opponents to their knees? We not only ponder over this question – we come to you with answers!

Cats – meowsters of martial arts

Hunting is an instinct that runs in cats’ blood. And though they don’t have to chase their meals now, as full-time couch occupants, or fight for survival, some innate talents for attacking and self-defense have stuck around with our cats to this day. And since some felines are close to having a black belt in several martial arts, today we’re looking at five techniques cats can use while fighting their opponents, regardless if the opponent is another cat, a plush toy, or a foot hiding under a blanket.  

Kitty Capoeira – fighting or dancing?

A mix of agility, speed, and rhythm is a combo made for artistic cats. Originating from Brazil, capoeira is an incredible martial art style where there’s no space for static poses – the fighter is always on the move, whether they’re attacking or defending themselves, and the fluidity of their movements and the rhythm make the fight look like a dance. And cats are, after all, dancing masters! Leaps, spins, contortions into improbable positions – watching the meowsters of Kitty Capoeira is a true feast for the eyes and a reliable entertainment source for a lazy afternoon. What’s even better is that kitty capoeira doesn’t necessarily mean direct confrontations between cats – if you sometimes catch your cats making moves as if trying to enchant their opponents, you have likely stumbled upon their secret kitty capoeira training.

Karate Cat – you never know when they’ll strike

If someone thinks that cats are just fluffy creatures lounging on the couch, they may be in for a surprise. Because the truth is, while cats love to enjoy the comforts of life with humans, lounging in a chair for hours and giving the impression that nothing bothers them, when it comes to defending their key resources, their masterful self-defense methods never fail. For such occasions, many cats have mastered the art of fighting known as “Karate Cat”. The main method of a Karate Cat is precise, swift strikes delivered by surprise, in a way that the opponent never knows what to expect from the feline. You look at a cute kitten peacefully sleeping on a scratching post and want to pet it, but instead of a purring approval, you receive a solid smack from its right paw? You just encountered a Karate Cat! And since the essence of Karate is fighting without weapons, “Karate Cat” is perfect for everyday skirmishes without using claws, but with plenty of fluffy punches and slaps aimed at the unsuspecting weak spots of the opponent.

Fluff Fencer – Ready for Battle and the Olympics

Now, let’s move on to more direct and dangerous methods of combat employed by our domestic furballs. It is said that those who haven’t experienced the power of cat claws don’t know what it’s like to live with cats. And there is some truth to it! Falling victim to cat claws is not difficult, especially when we start interfering with the peaceful lifestyle of our feline friends. It’s as if nature equipped them with not one, but 18 swords hidden between the fluffs on their front and back paws, and each of these swords is fully functional and ready for battle. In peaceful duels between cats, fencing is usually reserved as a last resort technique, used only when the opponent refuses to surrender or becomes too aggressive. However, if a cat senses a genuine threat, their fencing skills come to the forefront, and their sharp claws wreak havoc left and right. One thing is certain – those who bear the brunt of the Fluff Fencer definitely deserve it.

Kung Fu Master in Fur

Cats are born masters of Kung Fu – that’s an undisputed fact. Even little kittens can perform impressive jumps, overwhelm enemies with the weight of their own bodies, strike with fluffy paws, and finish off opponents with powerful rabbit kicks from their hind legs. And although they train with toys on a daily basis, which actually inspired the designers at myKotty to create our unique Kung Fu kicker filled with catnip and valerian, cats can also utilize their mastery of martial arts on the battlefield. Don’t be fooled – Kung Fu in fur is not mindless brawling but an art that requires precision, dexterity, grace, acrobatic abilities, and strength that no one would expect from a typical couch-dwelling cat. But as it turns out, appearances can be deceiving… 🙂

Kickboxing for the advanced 

The carpet in the middle of the room serves as their ring. In opposite corners stand two opponents ready to fight for the right to nap on the scratching post. Only one will emerge victorious from the duel, while the other will have to swallow the bitter pill of defeat. Which one will enjoy the comfortable spot on the scratching post just below the window, with a view of the entire neighborhood and the sun warming its fur, while the other settles for a bed on the desk? Their level of expertise in cat kickboxing will decide. Because cats are masters of kicking, and not just in the litter box! Strikes delivered with their front and hind paws can stun an opponent in the blink of an eye, all without using cutting weapons. Right hook, left hook, and a kick from the hind leg… Can you manage to put up your guard in time? Experience shows that only other masters of this exceptional discipline are ready to face off against the masters of cat kickboxing. The rest of the mortals – beware!

These are just five examples of the cat’s abilities in martial arts, but their fighting techniques are by no means limited to these. Now it’s up to you, fabCats – in the battles, both serious and playful, how do your furry companions showcase their fighting skills? We look forward to your best answers in the comments!”

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