Back To School in feline company – how to study and work remotely when your cat is all over you?

Hi there, fabCat! The summer season is slowly coming to an end, leaving us to reminisce about the sandy beaches and sunbathing from behind our computer screens. But at least we have our cats by our side! In the myKotty team, we can’t imagine working without feline companions, even though having furballs intruding on your keyboard, demanding attention at all hours, and proudly showing their back end during online meetings can be quite a challenge. Do you want to know how to study and work remotely when your cat is all over you? We’ve got some tried-and-true tricks for you!

Prepare a workspace for your feline assistant

Working from home often means having more than one workstation. A desk is a pretty obvious choice, but who can resist the temptation of a comfortable couch or chair? However, there’s a catch – the cozier your workspace, the more likely your cats will follow you around. Don’t be selfish – no matter where you work, prepare a workspace for your furry assistant:

  • A scratcher for supurrvising your work – a favorite duty of meowssistants during remote work is taking a long nap on your behalf. Having a scratcher within their reach is essential. They can comfortably lie on it, stretch after a nap, and when it’s elevated, it serves as an excellent vantage point for overseeing your entire workspace. Consider getting the TOBI scratcher from the myKotty collection – it easily fits on your desk, table, or beside the couch, providing your meowssistant a comfortable spot to “work.” Of course, if you have more space, the LUI and VIGO scratchers are also great additions to your cat’s workspace.
  • Cozy bed – if you work at a desk, and your feline assistant doesn’t want to share the chair with you, offer an equally soft and comfy alternative like a cozy cat bed. For those who prefer elevated napping, we recommend the OTI bed with cushions hanging 30 cm above the ground. And for those who like to have everything under control, the PADI and EMI cushions are perfect.
  • Office accessories – your meowssistant won’t be working with empty paws. If you place a cup with pens, pencils, silver vine sticks, and other attractive cat gadgets on your desk, you might occupy them for a while with playtime while you attend important work meetings.
  • Cat documents – we know from experience that cats love to play with papers. But what to do if you don’t want your cat’s claws all over important invoices? It’s simple – prepare a stack of papers specifically for your cat. It could be misprinted sheets, crumpled-up pieces of paper, or packing materials from the courier. Paper and cardboard are, of course, the best toys – instead of denying it to your cat, provide an attractive alternative to your important documents and solve the problem.

Include your cat in your schedule

Cats thrive on routine, so it’s essential to consider this when planning your work schedule. After all, remote work comes with some flexibility, so try to synchronize your schedule with your cats. When they see you’re at home, they’ll be ready to interact and seek your attention. Instead of getting annoyed that your cat is disrupting your work, take a few minutes several times a day to play and interact with them – it’s an excellent opportunity for you to take a break from your computer screen and have a well-rested and chilled meowssistant instead of a mischievous one.

Remember to take breaks

Speaking of taking breaks from the screen – sometimes, in the midst of tasks, we might find ourselves glued to the monitor for 2, 3, or 4 hours straight. This can be disastrous for our health and well-being. Working with a feline assistant can be a remedy for those who struggle with taking regular breaks. In your daily schedule, find time for playtime with your cat before and during work. Set specific hours for feeding your cat. Schedule daily litter box cleaning. These are simple tasks but will benefit both you and your cat. And if a rigid schedule doesn’t work for you and your furry companion, simply include playtime, cat training, litter box cleaning, or bird watching by the window in your TO DO list, and make sure to check off each item daily.

Let your cat inspire you

We don’t know what fields you work in, fabCats, but in our team, we constantly juggle between creative work, talking with you, and handling documents. However, sometimes, when we lack inspiration for writing new texts and catchy slogans, when all tasks are done, and papers are waiting for a better day, cats are our best way to clear our minds and find inspiration for further actions. During such moments, we vacuum the scratchers, clean up cat beds, grab some toys or treats, and call the cats for a quick photoshoot, playtime, or trick training. We try not to think about anything else for 5-10 minutes, and when we return to work, our brains seem more prepared to function. And that’s the whole point!

Working with cats at home – don’t let the cat walk over you 

Working with cats in a home office doesn’t have to be a massive challenge if you find a way for your cats to be the best meowssistants, not just troublemakers in the background. Every cat is different, and what works for the furballs in the myKotty team may not be practical for you. So, fabCats, we encourage you to experiment! Try to see if spending half an hour playing with your cat before work allows them to sleep through the next two hours while you have important meetings. Or maybe giving your cat some TV time during an important meeting would be a better choice? You can read about the benefits of cat TV on our blog: 

And perhaps you have some tried-and-true methods for working with cats in a home office? Share your ideas in the comments, fabCats. That’s all from us for today. Until next time!

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