Is life with cats meant for you? – solve the quiz and find out!

Life with cats is paved with furballs. Some people adore it, while others simply surrender in the battle against ubiquitous fur. Then there are those who avoid furballs at all costs and use every available method to defluff their living space. But cats bring more to our homes than just loosely floating fur – they are creatures that, contrary to circulating myths, love human presence, demand a lot of attention, and… won’t suit individuals who spend their entire day away from home. Do you believe that a cat is the perfect companion for you? Solve the quiz and check if a life with fur is your destiny!

Quiz: Are you and cats the perfect match?

Question 1: When I leave home, I usually come back…

  1. as quickly as possible, because I prefer the company of my cat over people (3 pts)
  2. with treats in my pocket to apologize to the cat for my absence (2 pts)
  3. whenever I feel like it – after all, the cat can manage on its own (0 pts)

Question 2: The best time to wake up is…

  1. 5 in the morning, of course! So many interesting things happen then (3 pts)
  2. Before 8 – I like to sleep in, but someone has to earn those pouches (2 pts)
  3. No earlier than 10 – waking up before 10 is illegal (1 pt)
  4. After 12. I usually go to bed only in the early morning (0 pts)

Question 3: When I see a spider on the wall…

  1. I leave it be – let it wander around, the cat will have someone to observe (3 pts)
  2. I catch it in a glass and release it outside – it deserves a life in the fresh air (2 pts)
  3. I call for help – more than 4 legs is a crime (1 pt)
  4. I look for a shoe – no entry for any kind of insects (0 pts)

Question 4: When the courier delivers a package…

  1. I open it, but I don’t rush to dispose of the trash – the cat needs time to sit in the box before it goes for recycling (3 pts)
  2. I leave the box, who knows – it might be useful for a DIY project. (2 pts)
  3. I put it aside to open later – nothing will happen if the package sits in the hallway for a while (1 pt)
  4. I open it right away and take the boxes outside – I don’t like accumulating waste paper (0 pts)

Question 5: My attitude toward cat fur is…

  1. A true cat lover’s order – let everyone see that I live with cats! (3 pts)
  2. Furballs? If you clean daily, you hardly notice them. Plus, you can remove fur from clothes before going out (2 pts)
  3. I can’t stand fur on clothes! When I visit friends who have pets, I always bring a roller to get rid of fur immediately (0 pts)

Bonus Question, double points: How many pieces of cat furniture should there be for every hooman piece of furniture?

  1. Human furniture? If there’s space for it among the cat furniture, I’ll get myself something (6 pts)
  2. An equal proportion of 1:1 is fine – after all, a cat is a full-fledged family member (4 pts)
  3. One bed and one scratching post in each room should be enough, right? (2 pts)
  4. Is there a scratching post? Yes. A bed? Well, they can sleep on the couch. I don’t have space for cat furniture (0 pts)

Check your answers:

21 – 17 points – You’re a Cat Pro 🥇 Cats can count on true luxury under your care. Cat furniture in every space, unlimited access to cardboard boxes, undivided human attention, and approval of wake-ups at any time of day or night. Bravo, fabCat!

16 – 13 points – You and cats get along pretty well 👌 There might be some conflicts over the number of scratching posts in the apartment, why freshly laundered clothes are immediately fur-covered, or whether a 5 AM wake-up is a good idea, but overall, you’re a good Cat Guardian.

12 – 7 points – Want to adopt a cat? Worth considering. 🤔 There’s a chance you’ll be a fantastic Guardian, providing the best quality of life for a cat when it arrives. But there are also aspects like furballs floating everywhere, cardboard boxes in the middle of the room, and long absences from home that you need to think about. After all, a cat is a full-fledged family member, and compromises are sometimes necessary. 🙂

0 – 7 points – Admire kittens online. 😼 Cats are wonderful creatures, but you’re too different from them. You’ll be better off enjoying the most beautiful fur on Instagram! And when you feel like petting, don’t forget about the existence of cat cafés – a great opportunity to have good coffee, spend time in feline company, and then return home without furballs and guilt.

How to be the best cat Guardian?

Cats are wonderful companions, and here at Team myKotty, we can’t imagine life without them. If you also feel that a cat is the perfect buddy for you and you want to be the best cat Guardian, we have a wealth of valuable resources for you.

  • myKotty Blog → Here you’ll find the latest articles about cat habits, behavior, health, and a bunch of advice for both novice and experienced fabCat Guardians.
  • myKotty on Facebook → Curiosities, real-life Cat Guardian stories, tips about cat accessories from myKotty, and lots of good humor, featuring cats as the main characters. Join the ranks of fabCats and don’t miss any news (or contests, which we regularly serve up for you).

Time to reveal your quiz results, fabCats! How did you do? How many points did you score? Let us know in the comments. We’re signing off for now – see you in a week! 🙂

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