FabCats – Meet the LUI XL and VIGO XL scratchers. The hot premiere of myKotty is finally here!

You’ve been waiting, you’ve been asking, and here they are. The LUI and VIGO scratchers have undergone a solid enlargement and are now entering your homes in XL editions! Even bigger, sturdier, and perfected in every detail, all with your cats’ needs in mind. Simply purrfect. What do you need to know about them before purchasing?

LUI XL – a true hunk of LUI for demanding cats

LUI XL is a scratcher that aligns with cats’ life motto: a big tiger in a small body. When we heard your voices longing for a larger version of the classic LUI, we knew we HAD to do it. After months of brainstorming, designing, testing, and refining details, we did it – the myKotty family welcomes a true giant among horizontal scratchers.

LUI XL is the bigger, wider, and sturdier brother of our classic LUI. To keep impressing you, fabCat Guardians, we’ve maintained its modern silhouette and stylish finish that fits into any interior. However, when it came to functionality for cats, we cranked up all aspects to the MAX. LUI XL is a real hunk of LUI, and it suits him well! Purrfect for cats who like to live large. For furballs that dangle their bodies outside the scratcher during nap time and test the laws of gravity. For those who expect the scratcher to be more than just a chaise lounge but a full-sized sofa. For scratching, lounging, and playing in the most fabCat style. LUI XL is the best scratcher for a cat who likes to live life to the fullest.

How big is LUI XL?

We know this will be the first question you ask when you see our novelty. And we rush to answer. LUI XL has been enlarged generously: it’s 10.5 cm longer, 7.5 cm wider, and 4 cm taller than the classic LUI. Its dimensions are a whopping 85.5 x 32.5 x 30 cm (length, width, height) so big cats can count on a scratching and lounging area they’ve only dreamed of before. The enlargement of LUI’s dimensions will also be loved by cat duos and trios who like to share every spot: on LUI XL, they’ll find even more space, both on the top of the scratcher and inside it.

Will LUI XL actually accommodate large cats?

Of course – after all, it was designed for them! We regularly receive questions from you about whether your cat will fit on our scratchers. These questions don’t surprise us at all because the market for cat gadgets has accustomed us to the fact that corrugated cardboard scratchers are rather small. But not at myKotty! We know that big cats love to scratch corrugated cardboard just as much as their smaller pals, and we meet these needs – both in the classic collection and with the new XL format scratchers.

With a scratching surface of 85.5 x 32.5 cm, both Maine Coons, Siberian cats, Ragdolls, Norwegian Forest cats, and other representatives of larger cat breeds will comfortably stretch out their paws here during nap time and scratch comfortably, without worrying about fur falling off the sides and fighting with gravity. We’ve also increased the load capacity and the scratcher’s weight to reduce the risk of furniture shifting while the cat is using it.

VIGO XL – a heavyweight at the cat gym

This guy faces the craziest cat ideas head-on and knows how to take the next clawed blow without flinching. When you have large, demanding cats in your home, don’t worry, fabCat – reinforcements are on their way! VIGO XL is the best companion for cats with big egos and an even bigger appetite for solid scratching at any time of day or night. Its life motto is a TON of VIGOur: there’s no other so durable corrugated cardboard scratcher on the cat market. VIGO XL will withstand the largest cat personalities. It will match the energy of the most characterful furballs. And amidst all this, it will look like the most stylish cat gadget in your interiors. Because in myKotty’s world, quality and functionality always go hand in hand with design, and the biggest heavyweight wears the suit of an elegant gentleman.

How big is VIGO XL?

As befitting the biggest strongman among cat scratchers, VIGO XL boasts dimensions that its predecessors could only dream of. VIGO XL offers your cat a dizzying 81 cm x 32.5 cm lounging surface, a 2.7 cm higher viewing point for observing the world, and a load capacity of up to 110 kg. It’s a real heavyweight at the cat gym. Lifting two cats or one large individual is a piece of cake for it – VIGO XL takes on such missions blindfolded. After all, it has a VIGOur of two! No cat weight category or crazy ideas your furballs might come up with during morning workouts and afternoon sprints around the apartment scare it. With a weight of 3.6 kg, VIGO XL won’t budge under the cat during scratching or jumping with momentum. This guy stands firmly on the ground.

VIGO XL – more than just a scratcher

One of the interesting facts about cats that every fabCat Guardian should be aware of is how cats perceive home space. For them, not only the items available on the floor and within jumping distance are crucial, but also the entire horizontal and vertical space they have access to. If your cat is a climber, the so-called cat highway around the house will be a real jungle gym for them, and VIGO XL scratcher can become an important part of such a structure.

Thanks to its large load capacity and durable construction, VIGO XL will successfully bear your cat’s jumps from higher floors, without the risk of the scratcher collapsing under them. At the same time, it will be a good starting point for climbing up because, with a weight of 3.6 kg, it shouldn’t move under the cat during jumps and acrobatics. Do you have a wide windowsill or space on the dresser? Placed there, VIGO XL will undoubtedly be your cat’s favorite – perfect as a viewing point and a place to rest away from the hustle and bustle of home. It’s simply a multifunctional scratcher that your cats can always rely on.

More about building a cat highway can be found on our blog: https://blog.mykotty.pl/en/2021/03/22/strengthening-the-cat-territory-how-to-build-an-at-home-highway-for-your-kitties/ 

Bigger scratchers, the same quality

When choosing myKotty scratchers, you can be sure of one thing – the quality of workmanship, attention to the smallest details, and safety for cats are elements that we never compromise on. The same goes for the hottest premiere of this summer – LUI and VIGO XL scratchers are our original design, made in Poland from the highest quality corrugated cardboard, and their soft as suede surface, large scratching area, sturdy construction resistant to cat madness, and the possibility of turning the scratchers upside down make CATS LOVE THEM!

Finally, there’s a topic we can’t leave without mentioning because we feel like cats would scratch our eyes out for it. Of course, we’re talking about how we pack the scratchers! As we’ve already accustomed you to, all myKotty scratchers leave our warehouses packed in sturdy, large boxes, wrapped inside with an additional layer of corrugated cardboard to protect them from damage during shipping. In the case of XL scratchers, we certainly don’t skimp on this, and we deliver even bigger boxes for your furballs to rampage in, build their cat palaces, and nap in hiding. As our purring experts say, every order from myKotty is like buying a 2-in-1: a fancy scratcher + a fancy box is an unbeatable duo.

What else would you like to know about our BIG PREMIERE of LUI and VIGO XL scratchers, fabCats? Feel free to ask questions – we’ll answer! 🙂

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