The first steps in the fabCat world: how to choose accessories that your cat will love?

Scratchers, beds, toys – in the fabCat world, we prioritize cat needs. We know you do too: after all, you are a fabCat Guardian. However, when it comes to choosing the best furniture for your fur babies, the available options can be overwhelming. Should you go for the strongman VIGO, the stylish LUI, or perhaps one of the XL scratchers? Choose TOBI, or maybe YODI? Which bed will your cat love? Today, we’ve prepared a review of all the products available in the myKotty collection to make choosing the ones purrfectly tailored to your cat much easier.

LUI, VIGO, TOBI, YODI – which scratcher will lure your cat to dance? 

Scratchers are definitely what you ask us the most questions about, fabCats. Will LUI carry a robust Maine Coon on its shoulders? Will two cats fit comfortably on VIGO? Will the TOBI scratcher fit on the windowsill? These are important questions, so today we answer:

Go for the LUI scratcher if:

Your cats love scratching, lounging, and having a good time, and you love tasteful home accessories. LUI in its classic version can easily accommodate a large cat – its dimensions are 75 x 26 x 25 cm, so there’s plenty of room here for scratching, stretching out, and relaxing. LUI is also a favorite of cat duets – thanks to the cutout in the silhouette of the scratcher, cats can use LUI as a hiding place or play with a feline friend. And when it’s your turn to play with your kitty, use LUI to hide the wand toy underneath or in the cutout space and watch as your cat gets excited about the hunt.

Are there any cat contraindications? LUI is a scratcher we’ve purrfected, but we openly admit it’s not a model for every cat. The classic LUI can hold up to 15 kilograms, but if your cat is exceptionally active or the scratcher will be part of a larger catwalk/cat superhighway (from which your kitty may jump onto LUI with momentum), consider choosing VIGO – it’s more durable, so even the craziest cat ideas won’t scare it off. Be careful with LUI around small children who may want to use the scratcher as their own bench or toy – our elegant boy may not withstand it.

Go for the VIGO scratcher if:

You know your cat is a true macho, treating all gadgets in the house as his private gym. It’s those cats who we created our strongman VIGO for – a scratcher that’s not afraid of challenges and the craziest cat ideas. It can hold up to 90 kg, and at the same time, it doesn’t significantly differ in size from its older brother, LUI: its dimensions are 71 x 21 x 25 cm, so even the largest representatives of felines won’t have a problem stretching out, digging their claws, and lounging.

VIGO is perfect for the at-home cat superhighway, will work well by the bed, as an observation point on the balcony (of course, in summer, when it’s not threatened by moisture), and also in multi-cat households, where the entire cat clan will adore it. It will easily hold a person too – not just a small one. At one point, it even served us as an exercise bench 🙂

Go for TOBI or YODI scratchers if:

Your cats have the souls of adventurers, conquerors of the highest peaks, and lovers of high-altitude climbing. Both YODI and TOBI are lightweight, mobile scratchers designed to be placed on a desk, dresser, windowsill, or shelf – wherever LUI or VIGO might not fit, but cats still want to scratch something. How do they differ from each other?

TOBI scratcher is a slightly larger, older brother of YODI. Its light, slender silhouette looks perfect on desks and shelves, and the scratcher itself is profiled to be the most comfortable lounger for the cat. You can find TOBI in our store in 4 classic colors, so you can easily match it to your interior. It’s a reliable companion for a morning cat manicure. Most importantly, although it’s a compact scratcher, even larger kitties, including Maine Coons, will fit comfortably on it.

YODI scratcher is our purrfect KITTY-starter. It’s the cheapest scratcher in our offer, so it’s perfect when you want to test myKotty products, see what sets our scratchers apart from cheaper alternatives, or give your cat their first corrugated cardboard scratcher and see if there will be love between them. YODI is just the guy to start every scratcher adventure off right. It’s also double-sided, so it will stay with your cat even longer. Indispensable for little kittens as their first horizontal scratcher.

Classic or XL – check if your cat needs a bigger scratcher

When designing scratchers for myKotty, we always kept in mind the needs of all cats. We noticed a gap in the market for horizontal scratcher sizes and decided to fill it. Today, we see that there is still room for development here, and your furballs will gladly welcome myKotty quality in XL sizing. So what did we have left to do? Design LUI and VIGO in MAXI edition.

LUI XL and VIGO XL were created in response to your inquiries about longer and wider scratchers. We made sure that our new models easily carried the biggest representatives of felines on their shoulders and became the most comfortable lounger, scratcher, and observation spot for big cats with big demands. With the enlargement of the construction, we also increased the maximum load capacity of the scratchers, so they will even better withstand the claw attacks inflicted by your cats.

How do you know if your cat needs an XL scratcher?

  • If you already know myKotty scratchers, but your cat slips off them during afternoon naps,
  • If you have a big cat, for whom choosing appropriately sized accessories is always a challenge,
  • If you have more than one cat and your furballs like to share resources, nap together, and play together.

LUI and VIGO XL are just scratchers that your cat can enjoy even more 🙂

You can read more about LUI and VIGO XL on our blog. Come and get to know the most fabCat premiere of this summer closer: link

Nap time: which myKotty bed will your cat love?

Sharp claws, happy cats, time for a good nap. Where to take it if not in a myKotty bed? Cats spend a significant part of their day sleeping or observing the world, and a comfortable spot is indispensable here. But which of our beds will be the best option for your cat?

PADI is an exceptionally soft, comfortable, and fluffy pillow on which every cat can count on truly royal sleeping conditions. It’s our most compact option, perfect for cats who like to sleep in various places. You can easily place it on the floor, armchair, sofa, under the table, and by the window – wherever your kitty likes to lounge around. PADI is also large enough to comfortably accommodate larger cats. As you already know – at myKotty, we don’t discriminate against furballs based on their size and fluffiness.

Does your cat prefer sleeping at heights? OTI will be the most fabCat choice for him. Soft cushions arranged in the shape of a big, cozy donut and suspended 30 cm above the ground create ideal conditions for an afternoon chillout and observing the world around. Cats who love to sleep curled up in a ball will especially appreciate the structure of OTI – it’s the most comfortable bed donut that practically begs for a furry, cat filling. And will a big cat fit in it? Easily!

Or maybe you’re looking for a multifunctional bed that can change depending on your cat’s mood? Aim for the expandable EMI pillow. Thanks to the cleverly hidden zipper, you can spread it out flat like a giant, perfectly baked croissant or fold it like a fortune cookie, giving your cat a cozy corner to relax in. Ideal for cats who like to stretch to the max and curl up when they feel like it. EMI, when unfolded, is up to 98 cm long – big cats, this is something especially for you.

All myKotty beds are available in 6 color variants, but if choosing just one is a difficult task, we offer interchangeable covers, making it easy to match the bed to your interior: 

Have fun, fabCat! A bit of madness sprinkled with catnip

Will there be a place for a bit of catnip madness in your cat’s life? After all, once they’ve slept and stretched out, they’ll need to move around a bit. Especially for enthusiasts of aromatic herbs and kicker toys, we’ve created our KUNG FU – an indispensable cat toy for when you need to occupy your cat for a longer moment. Filled with the best mix of catnip and valerian, made of durable material, and finished with straps that will definitely catch your cat’s attention. It can’t be missing from your myKotty shopping basket.

For dessert, we have something else for you, fabCat. After all, you need somewhere to store all your cat (and non-cat) purchases, while showing everyone around your true cat lover’s soul. How about a capacious, durable, and practical shopper bag with a cat-themed slogan? Grab the CATWALK bag here → 

We hope you now know where to start your myKotty adventure, fabCat. However, if you still have questions and need our help, feel free to reach out to us on social media or via email – we’ll be happy to dispel your doubts. See you!

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