You can recognize original myKotty products by… Check, fabCat, what you’re buying for your furries.

Oryginalne myKotty produkty

In the world of cat accessories, there’s no shortage of choices. New, original ideas for scratchers, beds, and toys appear like mushrooms after the rain – a delight for fabCat Guardians 🙂 However, there are also “new” items that closely resemble existing cat gadgets, and although they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we want you, fabCats, to be 100% sure of what and from whom you are buying. So today, we’ll guide you on how to recognize original myKotty scratchers and why it’s worth doing thorough research before choosing accessories for your furballs. Let’s begin.

Creating for You Since 2012

The myKotty brand was born out of love for our feline friends – black-and-white Luis and ginger Figo – and our desire to find cool, safe, functional, and stylish furniture and accessories for them. Items that not only meet the most important feline needs but also last longer and look good in home interiors. And although we’re celebrating our 12th birthday this year, our mission hasn’t changed – we want to create the most beautiful cat furniture that you and your furballs will love. And we dedicate ourselves to this completely.

What does this mean for you, our fabCat Customers? Primarily, it means you can rely on our attention to detail, which directly affects the quality and design of each of our products. We understand cats, and everything we do at myKotty is done with their health (mental and physical) in mind. We know cat habits and needs, so our products must first and foremost be functional, safe, and practical. Thousands of satisfied cats and their Guardians confirm that this is indeed the case.

myKotty Scratchers in a Nutshell

Let’s assume, fabCat, that you’re coming across our brand for the first time and want to know more about us. Or maybe you already know us but want to recommend us to your friends and don’t know where to start. No problem – here’s everything you need to know about myKotty scratchers, in a nutshell:

Polish Origin: We are a 100% Polish company. We produce myKotty scratchers, beds, and accessories in Poland, using locally sourced materials. This ensures that the product that reaches your cat’s paws is fully thought-out, tested, and safe. Your satisfaction and that of your furries are most important to us.

Commitment to Quality: All our products are made with attention to the smallest details – from design, material selection, production, quality control, and packaging, to the journey of the scratchers to you. Like us, people who work on myKotty scratchers value perfect finishing. This is extremely important to us.

Only the Best Corrugated Cardboard: Our scratchers use the best Polish corrugated cardboard, with carefully selected technical parameters. After all, your cats deserve the best, without any CATpromises.

Complete Safety: Besides 100% natural corrugated cardboard, we use safe, certified glue in our scratchers, also used in food packaging production. This ensures that myKotty scratchers are entirely safe for both cats and humans.

Suede-like Smooth Cardboard: Why? Because it’s pleasant and safe for cat paws! We know how sharp the edge of a paper sheet can be, so we created a unique cardboard processing technology that makes the surface of our scratchers incredibly smooth, resembling soft suede to the touch. Cats love it, and the scratchers look better immediately.

Highest Durability: In conversations online or at exhibitions, we often hear that your previous cardboard scratchers fell apart after 2 weeks. You then wonder what could be different about the scratchers we offer. Well, the cardboard’s quality and the scratcher’s thoughtful design answer your questions. Cardboard naturally wears out when scratched – nothing unusual about that. However, a well-designed and produced scratcher will last significantly longer and stay with your cats much more than the proverbial “5 minutes”. We predict myKotty’s durability to be around 6-12 months with standard use by one cat, but in practice, for many of you, this time is much longer.

Environmentally Friendly: Our scratchers are made 100% from natural corrugated cardboard and packed in additional protective cardboard layers and a sturdy cardboard box, in which they safely travel to your cat’s paws. All these elements are produced in Poland, ensuring their origin and minimizing the carbon footprint from transportation from distant Asian countries.

Multifunctionality Is Their Advantage: Scratching, sleeping, lounging, playing – when designing myKotty products, we thought of all your furballs’ key needs!

How to Recognize Original myKotty Scratchers?

Now for the meat of today’s topic, namely the distinctive features by which you, fabCat, can easily recognize myKotty scratchers from other similar products available on the cat market.


If you want to be sure that your scratcher is a 100% authentic myKotty product, the way is simple: buy where you can confirm that we are indeed us 🙂 We primarily sell directly: 

  • on our websites:,, and, 
  • on Amazon – just check for the myKotty official store 

If you encounter us in your local pet store or online and are unsure if it’s really myKotty, reach out to us and we’ll check it out.


We pay attention to every detail of our products, so the cartons in which the scratchers travel to you deserve proper treatment. You’ll always find our logo and name on them, as well as a label that serves as confirmation that your scratcher is originally packed and no one has scratched it before.


When you open the carton and slide out the scratcher, you’ll recognize the original myKotty by the way it’s packed. Our scratchers are protected during the journey with an additional layer of thick cardboard – this keeps them snug inside and prevents them from bouncing around during transport. Additionally, you’ll find a leaflet with instructions and… that’s it! Besides the outer protective film securing the package during travel, we don’t use unnecessary plastic in our packaging.


The highest quality corrugated cardboard, with a surface as smooth as suede, is our hallmark. Compared to most cardboard scratchers, you’ll notice the difference with the naked eye, but the real wow effect comes when you run your hand over it. Such a finish makes myKotty scratchers completely safe for cat paws, and by using many tightly glued layers of good-quality cardboard, we’ve minimized the amount of cardboard confetti. We also strengthened the entire scratcher’s construction with a solid front – this makes the scratcher more durable and able to withstand more, thus lasting longer in cat company.


The classic myKotty logo, which you know and love, was modeled after our cat Luis, during scratching. It consists of a cat in a ready-to-scratch position, standing on the myKotty inscription. You won’t miss it – it’s on the front of every scratcher, on the prints of every bed, toy, house, our cartons, labels, and leaflets. You’ll also recognize our scratchers from afar by the shapes we worked on for a long time to be the most ergonomic and functional for cats and aesthetically fitting into modern interiors. Pay particular attention to the thickness and height of our fronts, their fit with the scratcher, their colors, and their finish – below you’ll find a small guide.

Why Choose Verified Products for Cats?

You might wonder: what good are these details to me? A scratcher is a scratcher. Not really, fabCat. If:

  • You’re looking for the highest quality scratchers, beds, and accessories created to meet cats’ needs,
  • You care about your cat’s safety,
  • You value Polish production and support the domestic market,
  • You don’t want to end up with cheap, Chinese imitations,

Trust the myKotty quality. We are cat Guardians ourselves, and the issues of safety and verified product quality have been important to us from the very beginning. And for you, fabCat, they should matter too. By choosing myKotty, you’re not buying the proverbial “pig in a poke” – original myKotty scratchers are made entirely in Poland, from locally sourced corrugated cardboard, completely safe for your cat. We use only safe, certified glue intended for contact with food, so regardless of whether your cat gently scratches, takes a nap, nibbles on the scratcher’s sides, or tests its capabilities to the fullest, the myKotty scratcher will be entirely safe for them.

When you’re unsure of the origin of cat accessories, you can’t be certain of what was used in their production. Was the cardboard clean? Or maybe it was bleached or dyed to achieve a uniform color? What glue was used? Is the glue safe for the cat? Is the smell of the glue and the scratcher itself not repulsive to the cat? These aspects are extremely important, which is why we prioritized safety and full control over the quality of the scratchers we produce and allow them to reach your cat’s paws. And while we understand that sometimes it’s necessary to cut costs, and cheaper products are tempting, scratchers comparable in size to our myKotty products aren’t much cheaper. So unless you’re looking for a truly budget, tiny scratcher from a supermarket, is it worth the risk? Probably not 🙂

Final question, fabCats: what do you pay attention to when shopping for your cats? Do you verify the manufacturer, trust certain brands, and pay attention to the country of production? Let us know in the comments.

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