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They go their own ways, value independence, and they don’t care about anything. More than one book has already been written about our furry friends. Gentle and calm, or maybe smart and manipulative? In the cat’s world there is no shortage of different temperaments. You like downy phlegmatic cats or you prefer on the contrary, you prefer brave warriors from the backyard? Read a short characteristics of the most famous breeds of cats and quickly find your purring counterpart. Ready? This is real top cats crew!

British cat

Among cat celebrities it’s hard not to mention about the British. Friendly and peaceful, they are loves to sleep a day on the couch, but sometime go to work and being stars on the new cat-food commercial. Perfect for home-dwellers, they will get along with every admirators of lazy afternoons. So if you are looking for a companion of frequent naps, then the British cat will hit the spot. What makes it easy to recognize Britons is their compact structure, big yellow eyes and short thick fur that is perfect to stroke. The most recognizable color is the blue-gray version of the cat, but each furry have a pleasant look.

fot.  @kokos_meow_pl

fot.  @kokos_meow_pl

Russian blue cat

Although malicious say that Russian cats are a slightly thinner version of the British, but it is not a truth – Russian cats have their own secrets. Slim and intelligent, they need a lot of interest. Fun with the ball, the cat tree and any other plays – with this furry breed you will definitely not be bored! As Russian blue cats get very attached to the owner, in this case your flexible schedule will be very important.

fot. @xafiandauri 

fot. @xafiandauri 

Ragdoll cat

A ragdoll cat is a wonderful friend. Patient and calm, gets along great with children as well as older household members. It is not an accident that the appearance of the animal also evokes delight emotion in home. Smooth, silky and long furry, combined with a fluffy tail, makes fashion catwalks are open for ragdolls. They also have the sizable size – the muscular structure of the cat’s body can reach up to 9 kg.

fot. @littlemoodyfoodie

fot. #myKottyTeam

Maine Coon cat

A sociable storyteller, a devoted friend and a talented hunter – the Maine Coon breed is even referred to as cats with a dog character. The cheerful disposition of that breed is also important, as they are keen to be in the spotlight. They are really big and that’s why Maine Coon cats are characterized by impressive weight and dense fur, which only adds charm to them. Due to high tolerance towards other four-legged varieties, is a great idea if one cat in the apartment is not able to cope with the enormity of your love of pets.

fot. @ciri.mika.mainecoons

fot. @ciri.mika.mainecoons

Scottish Fold cat

Eeyore among cats? Although Scottish Fold may seem a bit melancholic, let’s not be fooled by appearances – these animals live for fun! Grateful and sociable, they like to spend time with the owner with whom they quickly make friendship. Always ready to do some pranks, they also get along with the dog or other purr pets. Scottish Fold cats you can easily recognize by their characteristic small ears and short, springy furry.

fot. #myKottyTeam

fot. #myKottyTeam

Devon Rex cat

A cat who likes to cuddle? Yes, it is possible! Devon Rex cats are one of the more sensitive furries. Characteristic large ears, wide cheeks and crinkled fur – you will not mistake them for any other breed. Also known as extroverts among cats, they are very curious, hate loneliness and feel best in the spotlight. Due to the fact that they are very intelligent, Devon Rex will prove themselves as companions of patient teachers who are eager to show the cat some nice tricks.

fot. #myKottyTeam

fot. #myKottyTeam

Persian cat

Cats about we can’t not mention. Majestic and elegant, and at the same time calm and quiet – Persian breed is easy to describe in one second. As one of the most-chosen cats, they love lazing around in the arms of man. So they will be loyal partner of watching the Netflix by whole night or they will keep you company during the evenings spend on the couch with a book. Persian cats are strongly attached to their owners, so you need to give them the right amount of attention. Caring for cat fur will also be a time-consuming task – there is no escape from regular bathing and daily combing of furry.

fot. @ewamakoty

Although you could write elaborates about cat breeds, nothing will impress you like seeing furries live. So if you are looking for your favorite type of cat or want to make sure in it, then the exhibition of thoroughbred cats will easily convince you of the need for a cat companion. 

And you, fabCats, do you already pick your favourite breed?

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