How to survive Christmas with a cat?


Cat and Christmas tree? Although this combination may sound inconspicuous, don’t be fooled! A scratcher over one meter long and what’s more – tall, dappled and richly decorated? Oh, a pure bliss for furries, because it’s like an invitation to have some fun. The situation is almost the same with the Christmas table. After all, who, if not a cat, could fit it all? So if you do not want to spend Christmas with a broom and a scoop in your hands, then think carefully about how to protect the house from cat’s claws. Or what is even simpler, get acquainted with our advice.

🎄 Cat vs Christmas tree

There are no easy answers when you ask: “how to protect a Christmas tree from a cat?” A protective foil, vacuum cleaner as a bogey or a special place for a tree on the ceiling – all these solutions do not really follow the solemn atmosphere. Although a Christmas tree hidden in a cage may seem to be effectively protected, but it doesn’t really match to the Christmas time.

In order to protect the conifer you will need several alternative methods. Your love for furry can survives the Christmas period, only if you:

  • enjoy the view of a perfect Christmas tree at work,
  • decorate a Christmas tree in the basement (and leave it there),
  • accept that the cat will do whatever its wants.

Not buying a Christmas tree is also a reliable method – then you are really safe. However, if Christmas without a huge piece of wood with green needles seems to you an abstraction, then who said that the Christmas tree has only one form? Built from pillows, it will be a great gift for a cat, just like it was made of books or wooden branches attached to the wall.

🐈  Christmas Eve with cat

Holidays in cat company are not only a matter of Christmas tree. Our four-legged friends, as outstanding culinary critics, do not spare themselves trips to the Christmas table. Their voices maybe are not be as malicious as an opinion of Gordon Ramsay, but cats often do not let eat without any comment.

To avoid cat jumps, it will be a good idea to implement the Japanese custom – a low table and mats lying on the floor are a guarantee of success. To distract the cat from eating Christmas Eve dishes it is also good to give the pet… Christmas Eve dishes for the cat. Specially prepared delicacies will make your Traditional Twelve not so interesting for the furry (at least for a moment).

Now that you know how to handle with a tree and table in the cat activity area, you can go with the preparations. After all, Christmas with a cat is really a magical time. Lots of entertainment, unannounced tricks and hastily planned acrobatics – with your favorite family member you will definitely not be bored. The only thing you have to remember is taking care of the cat’s comfort, the rest will work out somehow.

And are you now the fabCat, who can’t wait for spend Christmas with pet?

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