New Year’s Eve in the fabCat’s style

Champagne fun, whole night in the front of the TV or thinking about the meaning of existence – New Year’s Eve has many faces. Due to the fact that it takes place only once a year, each time it is associated with considerable expectations. In the end, “what happen in New Year’s Eve, will be repeat probably.” So to meet the requirements that are combined with the obligation to undergo a (un)memorable evening, a good idea will be imitation of habits a four-legged friend – after all, the king of your apartment always has the best ideas.

Party with a cat… without a cat

If this year you have ‘the honor’ of organizing the New Year’s party, then there is nothing to break down – all is not lost yet. Since cat lovers often merge into larger groups (unsent photos of pets lose their value), you can safely assume that a cat-style party will appeal not only to you. Napkins and plates with a cat motif, cat-shaped pads and cutlery with the image of your little furries – there are a lot of possibilities for interior design.

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Although meeting ‘slaves of the cats’ in one place seems to be a great opportunity to have interesting talks (especially for themselves), the extraordinary conference of their furry owners could end tragically. So that invited guests, in longing for cat company, could boast of the exploits of their little purring friends, an interesting variation of the evening will be the competition for the most interesting video with furries in the lead role. Due to the fact that every self-respecting cat lover in the phone gallery certainly hides at least a dozen recordings, choosing the best one will not be easy. Kitty on the top of a Christmas tree, the back of a dog or the back of a exercising partner – the winner of the competition can conquer the world of Instagram.

However, if watching cat’s feats together is not able to cheer up the company, just like objects with cats, you can always ask for help your own mustache-buddy. After all, which cat, on the way to favorite snack, would not gracefully stroll around the living room so as to delight the gathered people in the spotlight with their own figure?

Cat costume, or how to express longing?

We’ve already mastered the cat-style party. What if we spend New Year’s Eve away from home? Although sharing love for cats is justified, coming to a party with a kitty under arm probably will not satisfy the host, much less a cat. So the best way to not forget about lovely four-legged friend could be cinematic inspirations, which will help in completing the outfit for New Year’s Eve.

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Gloves with claws, latex material and a characteristic mask – Catwomen need no introduction. As one of the most recognizable figures of pop culture, it will allow you to play the role of a sensual criminal who, like cats, doesn’t really care about principles. If you looking for an idea for a cat’s outfit, you can also reach for Tom Hooper’s latest film. This type of costume design for sure will arouse interest, even if some people will try to complain.

Iconic “crazy cat lady” character will also be extremely simple and effective idea – you don’t have to answer the question if it’s still a costume. A bottle of wine, a warm bathrobe and cat accessories – New Year’s Eve will be yours!

The New Year’s meeting of fur fans does not smell like desperation, and disguise as a cat is a guarantee of focusing attention during the event (even if they are just socks with cats!). So you don’t have to worry about anything – cat inspirations will definitely make the New Year a successful one!

How about you fabCats? Any different ideas?

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