Pawsome stories. justyna Fronc and her scottish folds cattery


We’ve met Justyna a few months ago, when our loved Luis passed out. Thinking about a new cat, looking a company for suffering Figo, we found a contact to scottish folds cattery. We don’t know how it happened but now, we have 3 cats! Looking for a young brother for Figo we back with two little guys – Kitku Yoda and Teddy! Why we did that? Wonderful cats is one reason, the second one is their human mom. Meet Justyna! 🙂

What do you do?

I have a scottish folds cattery, but at the same time I work professionally as a beautician.

How did it start?

It’s thanks to my grandfather who loved animals – I spent a lot of time with him on the farm taking care of goats, chickens and his beloved cow. Cats have always been close to me, I loved them for their wisdom. Over time, this love grew more and more, and I was particularly happy about caring for little cats. More time I spent among cats, more often I thought about starting my own cattery. Of course, at the beginning it was very difficult, I devoted every spare moment to reading about breeds, feline characters, temperaments and formal aspects – how the breeding looks from the perspective of its owner. I was particularly interested in the Scottish folds – when I started there were only a few breeders of this breed in Poland. However, we managed to find an available kitten and in this way, the first scottish fold appeared in my house.

How many cats do you have and what’s their story?

There are 10 cats in my house at the moment – 2 males and 8 females. Setting up a cattery, I promised myself that I would have no more than 3 cats … But cats are like cookies – it won’t end with one! 😊 I bought my first cats in Poland, in the basic blue color – the Coco male and the Chanel female (already retired). However, over time, I wanted something more, a cat of a different color, and this is how my short-haired point cat – Jasmin appeared in my house. However, I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t like the long-haired cat – that was my dream. I was looking for the right breed and color for a long time, and finally I fond Jessica – a long-haired female bicolor (blue and white). Over time, more cats appeared in my house, from Poland and foreign – Russia, Ukraine or Belarus.

Can you tell us something about their temperament?

Each cat is different – has a different character, different habits, preferences for play. However, what I love about Scottish cats is their amazing, pro-human character. They love people, sometimes they don’t leave me even for a minute! Always where I am, there are all my cats.

How many awards do you have and which is the most important?

I think all prizes are very important – each belongs to a different cat, at each show the cats are judged by other judges. We have many awards, because we often take part in exhibitions (although they are far away from us, in Warsaw for example). However, we like audience cat awards the most – it comes from visitors, not judges. We already have a few tha kind of awards, and it’s really important to me, because not only the judges appreciated my cat, but also the audience. It’s a great feeling!

What do you value about cats the most?

What I value about cats is that you can’t buy their love, you have to deserve it. They are not phony, they love who they want, they do what they want and they can never be forced to do anything. Every cat is different and shows love in a different way.

Do your fans often ask you for advice?

Sure, I am staying in touch with all owners of the cats from my cattery. I always say that I am available not only until the day the kitten is picked up – you can contact me anytime you need. And what makes me very happy, the owners often use it.

What are your plans?

I’m focus on my cattery, still learning and getting knowledge. I’m in contact with many breeders in Poland and abroad and I am constantly expanding my knowledge about cats, because cats are my future.

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