Furtastic cat breeds

Being a kitten-Rapunzel is a no simple task, even for moggies. Long fur, a talent for meowing and fairy-tale charm – cats must look good as Chewbacca or legendary Yeti, even If they have not been invited to George Lucas’ casting. We don’t have to worry about our four-legged friends, because ability to charming the audience is in their blood. So which cats, among representatives of the world of purring stars, can apply for the award for Miss or Mister Hair Universe? We present sweet breeds where the slogan “woke up like this” is really possible.

Turkish Angora

Angora cat is the perfect candidate for a little peekaboo during the winter. White fluffy coat, agile movements and an uninterrupted desire to play – against the background of a snowy landscape this buddy with mustache has a clear advantage. In addition to silky fur, Turkish Angoras are also known for their friendly character, intelligence and strict requirements for long stroking, thanks to which they are great in the company of adults and children.

Somali cat

Long lush tail, soft fur and almond-shaped eyes – to comb a Somali cat is a great pleasure! This curious buzzard, due to the lack of undercoat, has a particularly soft and pleasant to the touch coat, which is most often associated with a copper or red-brown color. What also distinguishes these nice cats is the dark stripe visible on their backs and ticking, which is responsible for the two-colored hair color.

Maine coon

A cat that grows up even through 4 years? Looking at the silhouette of Maine coons, we should not be surprised – after all, they are considered to be one of the largest domestic cats for a reason. Together with the muscular build and substantial tail, goes sociable and gentle disposition. Maine coons love to talk to the owners, they get along well with other feline individuals. Although it might seem that caring for such a large cat is extremely time consuming, decent combing of the cat once in a few days will do the trick.

Persian cat

The Persian cat is a typical „plush”. The huge amount of fur in these cats means that lost hair often goes into the cat’s bowl, so it’s worth stocking up with appropriate pastes or cat’s grass that will prevent clumping of the fur in the pet’s digestive system and facilitate its expulsion. The long and subtle Persian hair, unfortunately, often likes to get tangled up, especially when this dignified and usually balanced cat wants to play little bit more than everyday. If you do not want to be a frequent visitor to the cat hairdresser, it is better to stock up on a decent brush and prepare for combing your cat everyday.


Nebelungs are one of the more elegant kitties. Long paws, slender neck and intensely green eyes – the relationship between having a representative of this breed and increasing the number of guests visiting you is particularly strong. Cats originating in the United States are also characterized by delicate blue fur of silvery gloss, which (if that wasn’t enough) seems to shine. Nebelungs appreciate peace and quiet, strongly attach to their owners, and at the same time are characterized by good health and a calm character.

White, blue or red-brown – regardless of the color, the groomed cat’s fur impresses in the same way every time. In the interests of pets, regularly reaching for a hairbrush is the basis. And although our little ones don’t always like to be petted, they shouldn’t complain about nurturing treatments.

And you, fabCats, which fur caught your eyes?

P.S. Do you know Colonel Meow, cat with the longest fur in the world? If not, you’ll find more here.

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