Under one roof with the moggie

They walk their own paths, stick in pairs or move in meowing gangs. They purr to us from the TV screen, smiling for us from friends’ pictures and surreptitiously run through the nearest intersections. Instagram kings, unwavering influencers and loyal companions in everyday struggles. Moggies – because we’re talking about them – are the most recognizable group of domestic cats. So what makes them so numerous among our furry friends?

One cat, many possibilities

In the era of animal dominance in social media, the sentence “I want a thoroughbred cat” should not come as a surprise. Persian, Siamese, British cats – most attention goes to them. We also succumbed to their irresistible charm. However, today our attention is attracted by other purring friends, those that we loved much earlier, and the best example of this is Luis – our first cat – a moggie from the shelter, who stole our heart and became the precursor of the myKotty brand (look at our logotype and the cat, which proudly he is flexing him!), as well as Figo – another moggie and companion of Luis, who joined us to give us even more joy. In this way we come to the conclusion that hardly anyone could resist the power of the cat’s gaze or pass indifferently by the small, charming paws of moggies. And although there are plenty of representatives of many mustached breeds, they still occupy our pillows the most. What is their secret?

Black, brindle or maybe gray-red-white? When you decide to become a caretaker of moggie, one can be sure – it’s going to be surprising. Catlike character and color is in many cases pure lottery. Different mouths, ear shapes, and different size and weight, not to mention various temperaments, but be honest – everyone will easily steal your heart.

With moggies, you also can’t complain about boredom. Jumping, playing with a string and every rustling object that is at hand (or a paw!) – domestic cats, despite the name, are curious about the world. For entertainment purposes, they are happy to explore all the nooks and crannies of the apartment, hide under the bed, enter suitcases and boxes – do not be surprised when you catch your cat scrambling e.g. in a laundry basket or washing machine!

Moggies are also known for their longevity and can enjoy good health for a really long time. Thanks to the diverse genetic pool, they are not burdened with typical diseases, on the contrary – they show considerable resistance to threats and keep pace with their owners for many years. So if you’re looking for a loyal companion, then you should find a cat friend!

Don’t shop, adopt

Unexpected guest in the yard? Or maybe the next door cat? In case of moggies, the saying that the cat chooses the owner is perfect. Moggies often appear in our lives unexpectedly, and when they appear, they stay for a long time. However, if so far no cute buzzard has stood in your way or, more likely, you don’t look too closely, the solution is simple – adopting a cat will be a hit!

If you finally decided to enlarge your family with a new meowing family member – start visiting shelters in your area. Although sad to write, in animal shelters you can easily find a huge number of potential pupils who are willing to break free from the tight cage and then, walk proudly next to you around the apartment and reciprocate your love. A kitten, a cat in the prime of life or an old feedozer – you will definitely find a purr who quickly finds a place in your heart and … on your couch.

Cats from the shelter cannot be described in one sentence and adoption is connected with a huge responsibility. A visit to the veterinarian, providing the furry appropriate conditions and commitment that will make the cat feel at home – a new family member is also undoubtedly new responsibilities. However, you can be sure that the first fluffy friend will reward you with all your difficulties.

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