But first, ecology. How we’re designing

At myKotty, aspects like recycling and environmental protection are very important to us. The company exists almost 8 years on the market and from the very beginning, starting from the design and implementation of the first product – which was the LUI scratcher – we focused on activities that went hand in hand with ecology and sustainable development. We started from the fact that as the main material for the scratchers we chose 100% natural corrugated cardboard, friendly to both cats and people. We tested dozens of samples before choosing the perfect one. The choice fell on the highest quality corrugated board.

Made in Poland

The second step was to choose a producer. We did not follow our competitors and decided not to produce in Asia. We wanted to have control over the materials and the process – that’s why all our products are 100% made in Poland! What has not changed for years is the fact that we are absolutely obsessed with quality and we make every effort to both the products that leave the factory and the packaging in which we deliver your orders. We are also proud of the fact that we cooperate with fantastic people who every day in their small factories produce dozens of our scratchers, cat beds and other products that can be found in the myKotty store.

Scratchers and MIA cat house

Our flagship products – the LUI, VIGO and TOBI scratchers are made of eco materials. Fronts and filling are made of high-quality cardboard, without synthetic additives, varnishes or preservatives, thanks to which the material is 100% ecological and safe for cats. MIA cat house is producing from a special kind of cardboard – Kraftliner, made of unbleached primary fibers obtained from conifers.

We pack LUI, VIGO, TOBI and MIA house in cardboard boxes, and the scratchers are additionally secured with an insulating and protective layer of corrugated cardboard.

Thanks to this, the packaging of these products can also become an additional attraction for a cat (for example, as a DIY toy made in accordance with zero waste spirit), and when you get bored, you will be able to throw them into recyclable waste.

For the remaining products, we try to gradually eliminate synthetic components, using natural fabrics and avoiding plastics (check out DRINK IT MEOW bottle). Sometimes they cannot be completely avoided – an example are doypacks, in which we pack the KUNG FU cat toys – due to the fact that the packaging is made of an airtight laminate mixture, the product that is filled with catnip and valerian does not lose quality (smell herbs do not escape)

No to disposable products

Eco means also “for a long time“. Less rotation of purchased products and less waste – these issues are as important to us as what we make our products from, where we focus primarily on quality, durable materials and solid workmanship. When designing, we follow the principle to maximize the space for functionality and maintaining a long product life in the same time. Currently, the scratchers consist of 40 layers of closely adjacent cardboard sheets, thanks to which they can withstand up to 3 years of intensive use by 2 energetic cats. In recent months, we’ve also improved the design of the scratchers, strengthening the fronts with additional layers of solid cardboard, which even better protects these products from excessive loads and possible damage as a result of pressure – thanks to this innovation, the new version of scratchers will probably be able to serve cats even longer.
More questions about production? Or maybe you have some ideas how we could improve myKotty’s offer? Write to us!

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