The EMI pillow – let your cat sleep with their head in the clouds

Living with their head in the clouds is a part of cats’ nature. A morning nap right after breakfast, a short sleep in the afternoon and a mandatory relax session after the evening playtime – in a cat’s calendar, every minute is planned, even if we think all they do is sleep! But since sleep plays such an important role in the domestic tiger’s life, it’s good to give them the highest quality of rest. What do you say, cat, about a nap on a bed that resembles a cloud floating through the sky? One where you can freely stretch, move around, turn on your side or even cuddle with your cat buddy if they want to join you? Sounds great? In that case, you have to test out EMI with your own fur.  

FabCat – meet EMI 

The EMI pillow was created for cats who love having lots of space around them to stretch and move. If your fur takes up the entire couch or armchair while napping, claims your half of the bed at night and takes over the floor more than a carpet would – EMI will be their jackpot bed. It’s the most fluffy, soft and comfy cat bed we have ever designed and a personal favorite of our team cat Tosia – in her opinion, EMI spread out along the balcony door is a spot that can’t be beaten. But that’s not all!

EMI is, by design, a multifunctional cat bed that you can unfold like a gigantic, purrfectly baked croissant or fold like a fortune cookie, giving your cat a cozy space to relax in. If your cat is bored with stretching out and wants to curl up into a warm ball of fluff – no problem! They can also sploot out of the folded-up EMI – stretching the spine and doing cat yoga on EMI is our own Kitku Yoda’s speciality. 

One pillow, many possibilities

The multifunctionality of EMI is definitely the quality that sets it apart from other cat beds – by putting in the zipper at just the right place, we were able to turn a simple pillow into a real transformer. It’s a cat bed that is loved by cats and fabCats around the world. And we’re not surprised: 

  • Shape inspired by cat sleeping positions. Here at myKotty, we’re taking inspiration from many aspects of a cat’s life, but cat naps are definitely the thing we got most ideas out of. Just look at a cat sleeping on your couch right now. Are they sleeping in a normal position? We can bet a handful of fluff that they’re actually in a weird yoga pose that makes you want to shout “How can this be comfy?” EMI, which you can unfold to be totally flat or fold up into a cozy fortune cookie shape guarantees your cat can get into any fancy sleeping pose. 
  • For more than one cat. It’s great to sleep solo, but what do you say about sharing your cat bed with a cat buddy? If you wish to do so, you can invite one or even two friends onto your EMI to nap or play together with. Thanks to the considerable size once it’s unfolded, EMI will easily fit even the biggest of cats. 
  • A simple folding/unfolding system. EMI’s size after being unfolded is 98×63 cm, but if you do need to save some space, once you fold it up, you only need around 60 cm of floor space. The zipper is sewn in in a way that in both folded up and unfolded versions of EMI, your cat won’t feel it’s there. After all, the special effects of folding up the pillow can’t affect the quality of naps! 

A folded up EMI is a compact piece of furniture that fits almost anywhere you put it – in the corner of the room, by the bed, under the radiator or on a sofa, right where your cat loves to lounge. And it only takes a quick pull on the zipper to make EMI fit purrfectly to the straight lines of your house – set it up by the wall, a window, a chest of drawers or your bed and give your cat maximum space for stretching and lounging. 

Sleep like royalty

“Ok”, says the cat – “you said that EMI is like sleeping in the clouds, but so far I’ve heard only of fortune cookies and croissants. Where are the clouds I was promised to get?” Good questions like this require concrete answers which lay right in the heart of our EMI. The highest comfort levels and the quality of sleep that EMI promises are all thanks to the incredibly soft and durable synthetic filling which perfectly adjust to a cat’s body. It’s not important what pose they get into – EMI will make it comfortable. Another element which guarantees comfort and softness is the 100% cotton cover that doesn’t scratch, pinch or lose its shape in the wash. Dirt and stains on the cat bed are not an issue – simply take the cover off, put it in the washing machine like the instruction says and once it’s dry, give your cat a completely refreshed place to nap on.

The possibility to take of the cover off of EMI gives one more, incredibly valuable trait to the royal cat house. After all, every royal house has their crest colors and in our fairytale, not all clouds are white! Pick one of 6 minimalistic colors available for EMI and if you like experimenting, grab exchangeable covers here: and give your cat beds a truly fabCatstic vibe.

Treasure chest – make your cat enjoy EMI even longer 

To wrap things up, we have for you, fabCat, a few valuable tips that will allow your cat to enjoy their EMI to the fullest and for a long time. 

  • First impressions. The big size of the EMI pillow can be quite the surprise for many cats. Let them get used to the new bed in their own time – put EMI in a space where your cat loves to nap and let them get to know the smell, the softness and the size on their own terms. Once they try it, they’ll definitely be convinced! 
  • In a sunspot. If your fur is turning their whiskers up to the new bed, put EMI in a place where they can’t resist it. Our favorite space is EMI placed with the long side alongside the balcony door, which gives our cats the ability to bask in the sunshine, or folded up and set by the couch (or right on the couch), making the cats able to join us for the movie nights. 
  • Protected from the weather. EMI works great as a cat bed for a balcony or a patio, but remember to take it home before it gets soaking wet and the colors get washed out in the sun. 
  • Follow the washing instructions that are sewn into the EMI cover and available on our website. To make it easier, we will also include it here for you: 

We’re curious to know your impressions – did your cats have a chance to test out EMI with their own paws and fluffy bodies? Feel free to share your experience in the comments. Or maybe you’re just now planning to buy EMI with your cats? Sales on our website are waiting for you 🙂 

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