5 Most Common Slip-ups of Cat Guardians – Check If You Make Them Too

Mistakes, well, they happen to the best of us. Although some cats would be shocked, even the best cat Carers have slipped up once or twice! Not cleaning the litter box on time? Oops, it slipped our minds. Not playing with the cat before bedtime? Looks like a 5 a.m. wake-up call is in store. A routine visit to the veterinarian? Cats would rather erase that from their calendar, but we, hoomans, should keep it in mind. Today, fabCat, we’re creating a short list of typical “cat Carer sins” – check if you’ve ever committed any of them.

The bowl is always full 

From the perspective of many cats, a full food bowl is a heaven on Earth. But as they say, too much of a good thing isn’t healthy, and unlimited access to food 24/7 is not the healthiest scenario for a cat. Unless we’re dealing with a growing kitten, oversized portions and frequent feeding can lead to serious obesity issues.

Cats function best on several smaller meals throughout the day. This feeding pattern mirrors a cat’s natural daily routine, where each small meal comes after hunting and burning off excess calories. So, if leaving a full bowl out for your cat is something you do, fabCat, try working on gradually reducing the portion size and developing a healthier eating model for your furry friend. You may initially encounter some feline resistance, but in this case, patience pays off 🙂

A cat comes to the vet… once in a blue moon

Regular, preventative visits to the veterinarian’s office are becoming increasingly popular among cat Carers, but they still can’t be called a standard practice. And that’s a shame because it’s much better to be safe than sorry with cats. Felines can hide symptoms, and often when we notice worrisome signs, the problem is already more serious and requires more intensive treatment. So, don’t delay scheduling the next vet visit, fabCat – call the clinic and get your cat a quick health check.

Find out what to check during preventative vet visits in our blog: https://blog.mykotty.pl/en/2020/04/20/prevention-of-cat-health/

The litter box is stinky…

… and awaiting the hooman in charge of cleaning it! Cats are neat freaks, but they’ve arranged their lives so that we, the hoomans, have to manage their litter boxes. It’s a good idea to do this at least once a day, both for our own and our cat’s comfort. We won’t even get into the fact that the reason the myth that “cats smell” exists is due to uncleaned litter boxes. It’s not the cat’s fault at all! A dirty litter box can make a cat not want to use it. It can also be a breeding ground for bacteria, potentially causing health issues. And if something is wrong with your cat’s health? By checking the litter box a few times a day, you’ll quickly notice if there’s something amiss with “number one” or “number two.” In the prevention of cat health, this is valuable knowledge. So, fabCat, grab a scooper, and get ready for some litter box excavation.

The couch potato cat doesn’t need playtime

False! In a cat’s daily schedule, there’s always time for a good play session, and even the laziest couch potato cat will want in on the fun. When it comes to meeting a cat’s needs, regular playtime is absolutely crucial. Even just a few minutes a day is enough to stimulate a cat’s hunting instincts, burn off some energy, and provide essential mental stimulation for their well-being. Do you occasionally forget about it? Don’t worry, fabCat – everyone has those days on their conscience. However, it’s essential to get back into the habit and routine as soon as possible. And if you need to occupy your cat while you’re in an important Zoom meeting, the KungFu cat toy will easily capture your cat’s attention and provide hours of entertainment, powered by the perfect mix of catnip and valerian.

How many scratchers does one cat need? 

Definitely more than one. Does scratching come naturally to cats? Absolutely. But does one scratching post suffice to satisfy this crucial cat need? Not necessarily. This is a pretty common mistake, so don’t worry, fabCat, if you’ve made it too. Just hop on over to myKotty for some shopping! And why is it so important for a cat to have multiple scratching posts within their reach?

  • Scratching serves as a way for a cat to mark their territory, so it’s essential to ensure they have scratchers in key areas around the house. Your kitty wants to scratch where the action is, where people live, where each family member leaves their things and scents. Otherwise, your furniture might suffer. 
  • One scratching post may not fulfill all of a cat’s needs. Cats scratch to mark territory, stretch their muscles, sharpen their claws, and release energy. Different scratchers can help them meet these needs. When you give your cat a choice, they can decide when and where they want to scratch. The more scratchers available (and strategically placed around your home), the less likely your couch will bear the brunt of their claws.

I’m a Cat, I Don’t Know My Address

Lastly, we have a bonus mistake that can have a significant impact on a cat’s safety. Be honest, fabCat – when was the last time you checked the address information associated with your cat’s microchip? Today is a good day to take a look at it. Even though most of us don’t change our phone number or home address every year, it’s essential to make sure we’ve updated any changes properly in the system. What happens if your cat accidentally runs out the door when you open it? It’s better not to have to worry about it. Personally, we use the Safe Animal database – if you haven’t registered there yet but know your cat’s microchip number, sign up and rest easy.

What other small slip-ups would you add to the list, fabCats? Remember – we’re here to show understanding, not to point out someone’s mistakes. After all, the goal is to eliminate these slip-ups once we’re aware of them.

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