Review of Cat Trends for the Fall-Winter Season: Discover, fabCat, What Will Excite Your Furry Friends in the Upcoming Months!

Fashion trends don’t fascinate them. They couldn’t care less about Pumpkin Spice Lattes, rainy weather outside, or photoshoots in falling leaves. Fall TV premieres? Well, those might tempt the hooman to stay on the couch for a bit longer, which is a plus. But cats, contrary to appearances, do feel the change of seasons and have their ways of preparing for it. What will interest your furbabies in the coming months, fabCats? We’ve sent our kitty reporters from myKotty on a mission, and we have some exciting news from the front lines!

Wardrobe change: why do cats shed their fur for winter?

You’ve probably already noticed this special way cats prepare for the fall-winter season on your clothes, fabCats. Our beloved furballs may not go shopping at the mall for new sweaters in trendy patterns, but they gladly shed their summer fur to make room for the warmer, fall-winter coat. You might wonder: how does that make sense? Wouldn’t it be better just to add to their existing fur, make it thicker, and shed the excess in the spring when it gets too hot? Not at all! Cats still need to exchange their fur for something warmer, just as we swap our summer tees for cozy sweaters and then layer up to maintain our body temperature.

But there’s a catch. Domestic cats usually don’t get cold when they lounge on a comfortable couch beside their human. Their days aren’t shorter either because hoomans turn on the lights as soon as it gets dark outside. As a result, we end up in a vicious circle and a furry armageddon. Cats shed their fur for warmth in preparation for winter, and then throughout the season, they shed the excess to avoid overheating indoors.

What can you do, fabCat? Remember to brush your cat regularly, enrich their diet with hairball control treats (to prevent loose fur from forming hairballs), maintain indoor humidity levels, ensure proper ventilation, and invest in a good lint brush for your clothes. We feel that could come in handy! 😺

The never-ending tale… of cat napping

Everyone knows about cats’ love for napping – it’s a fundamental aspect of their furry existence. And in the fall, when evenings arrive much earlier, and even humans feel a stronger gravitational pull toward their armchairs and couches, adding a few extra minutes of daytime napping seems like an excellent idea. Add to that the lower temperatures, and it’s a no-brainer, fabCats. So, don’t be surprised if your furballs spend even more time taking over their cozy spots, scratchers, and your warm seat on the couch when you get up for a fresh cup of tea.

What can you do, fabCat, to make cat lounging more enjoyable? Fall is an excellent time to refresh old beds or treat your furry friends to entirely new lounging spots. In myKotty’s collection, you’ll find three fantastic beds that will meet your fur babies’ expectations.

  • The donut-shaped OTI which guarantees the highest level of sleeping pleasure with its perfectly round shape and cushions hanging 30 cm above the ground. It’s a real treat for curling-up enthusiasts and cats who like to watch the world from above. A fabTIP: if you place OTI next to the couch or armchair, your cat will happily spend time near you and maybe won’t take over your spot when you get up to stretch your legs after a TV marathon. 😸
  • The EMI pillow – a versatile, cloud-like cat bed that ensures the most comfortable naps for cats who love daydreaming. You can fold EMI like a fortune cookie if your cat likes to snuggle, or lay it flat like a generous pie on a thick crust when your cat feels like doing acrobatics, cat yoga, and napping in the most outrageous positions.
  • The soft PADI, perfect for long nights and lazy days. After all, it’s the definition of autumn and winter evenings! PADI is large, comfortable, and mobile enough that you can easily place it on your cat’s favorite chair, couch, by the fireplace, or next to the radiator – wherever your cat’s soul desires. And since cat beds tend to act as fur magnets, there’s a good chance your favorite spot will avoid complete fur coverage. 😻

A cozy hideaway is never a bad idea

Staying on the topic of organizing your cat’s space, our fabCat reporters have discovered that warm cat hideaways are all the rage this season. After all, there’s nothing like hiding from the world in your cardboard M1 nest, placed right by the radiator, and forgetting about the dreary weather outside, which doesn’t even allow for birdwatching. At myKotty, we’ve prepared an indispensable MIA cat house with two independent entrances for complete cat comfort. It also comes with a scratching mat that doubles as insulation, keeps the interior warm, and holds the house structure at a level even the most discerning cat architect wouldn’t criticize. You can add a cozy blanket inside or cover the house from the outside with one to make your cat’s hideaway even cozier and more autumnal.

Fall appetite of a cat foodie

Can a cat’s appetite be related to changing seasons? Indeed, it can, fabCat, because when it gets colder outside, a cat’s body automatically switches to energy storage mode. Of course, indoor cats don’t need to worry about the contents of their food bowl too much – not only will their human hunt for pouches online and have them delivered to the door, but breakfast will appear on their freshly cleaned dish at the same time every day. And if it doesn’t, the cat knows exactly how to get the human staff to work. 😼

But should you be worried, fabCat, about your cat’s increased appetite? While nature might suggest that cats should eat more, there’s no need for it in domestic conditions, especially when cats are feeling a bit lazier in the fall. You certainly don’t want your furball to gain unhealthy weight. So, watch portion sizes, maintain daily caloric intake at an appropriate level (you can follow the guidelines on the cat food packaging or consult with a cat dietitian), and if your cat keeps asking for seconds, consider introducing slow feeders and puzzle toys that require a bit of effort before devouring the next meal.

I might be a couch potato, but please, play with me!

To finish things off, we have a special report from our fabCat reporters. As they found out, the season of lounging doesn’t exempt cats from the need for play and entertainment. Quite the opposite – during the time when cats naturally spend more time napping, hoomans have an even greater responsibility to provide them with fun and variety in their daily lives. Less cat activity may not result only from fall’s arrival and the cat’s energy-saving mode; it’s often due to boredom and frustration because humans are getting lazier too and not playing with their cats. Don’t join the ranks of lazy humans, fabCat. Grab a cat wand and play with your furry friend, toss some treats for them to chase, set up an obstacle course, engage in scent games, make DIY toys, or offer some fresh catnip in the Kung Fu cat toy. After all, the end of balcony season, fewer flies inside, and the hustle and bustle outside are the perfect opportunities to further enrich your cat’s environment at home and provide them with something to do between their naps. 😺

While indoor cats can rely on having warm shelter, food served right under their noses, a personal groomer available 24/7, and the best views through the window thanks to “cat TV,” the arrival of autumn and winter is not entirely inconsequential for them. Pay attention to your cat’s needs, fabCar, because an attentive Caregiver = a happy cat! How are your preparations for the long autumn days and evenings going? We look forward to your fabCat reports in the comments. 😸

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