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Black Friday’s shopping fever? Well, we know it veeeery well, especially when your needs goes to the second plan and cat’s win! There’s no secret we love to spoil our fluffy friends, but sometimes we have no choice. Even if cats sleep most of the day, their activity is not limited to all-day lazing. Playing, daily toilet rituals, asking for food…Everything needs a special stuff. We’ve made a wishlist with top must have products for all cats and their caretakers. Here we go!


You want to go out but don’t want to leave your cat alone. Do you know that situation? Long travel or visit ti the vet – better be prepare. Transporter is one of the most must have products for your cat, but before you choose – think about is it comfy enough for your cat? And is there no risk that clever cat like yours open it in a minute? If you answer yes for the first question and no for the second, you can think about the last aspect, which is design. There’s many interesting products on the market, starting from models made from plastic and premium ones – from natural materials. So, ask your cat, check can you afford that and go shopping!


The fact that cats like to eat well is no secret. Just like the fact that we like to pamper them. In order for our furry to always be satisfied with the meal, in addition to appropriate food, we should also take care of the right dish. When choosing a cat bowl, we should pay attention to its width and depth. As the whiskers are particularly sensitive to touch, a bowl that is too small, through which the cat’s mustache touches the edges of the dish, can cause irritation and tension in our pet, leading to problems with the digestive system. If we want to make our cats happy and healthy, especially after their dinner, let’s choose wisely.

Litter box, spatula, cat litter

Good litter box is basic! Cat toilet should be functional and aestethic – you don’t want your guests leaving right after they entered the living room, right? If you considering purchase that kind of product you should check the size (is it comfy enough for my cat?) and many other options like modifications, for example a stairs for the older cat, which has problem with climbing). These days market offers many functional products, but…the design leaves something to be desired (myKotty is planning to do something with that in a few months – stay tuned!). The biggest hits in this product category are smart litter boxes – caring about your cat’s health, masking the smell and make your life easier!

Cat scratcher, bed, blanket

Do you know that feeling when you’re getting angry, because your cat destroyed your expensive furniture again, look at this sweet and diabolic (in one time!) creature and its face says: What’s wrong with you hoooman, it’s just a couch? Yeahhh… Simplest solution to avoid that kind of situations is purchase a good scratcher. We recommend myKotty products, of course, not because we’re our brand devotee – we know our products went to restrictive quality control and thousands of cats confirm there are good (5 stars in a cat’s Google!). How could you want more?

We saw your cat’s shopping list and there was written „bed from my dreams”. Yes, and it’s not a coincidence, because cats sleep over 16 hours per day! Comfy place for sleep is absolutely must have for your cat. Fortunately, we don’t have to going on compromises and choose between comfortable and stylish products – look at our beds and blanket to match!


Last but not least – toys! To keep pace with our furries, it is worth reaching for the right accessories. Tunnels, cardboard houses and catnip-filled diggers – keep your cat entertained before he gets into his paws by confusing the sofa with his favorite cat scratcher!

And you fabCats, without what products can you not imagine the arrangement of the space of your purring friends?

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